Assault with Intent

Assault with Intent


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Four rather clumsy assassins stalk the seminaries of Detroit. So far only luck stopped them from killing a priest. But time is running short, and murder lies within their vicious grasp. Who's behind this quarter of killers? An angry seminarian? A fanatical leader of an arch-conservative Catholic society? Another priest? Keen-witted Father Koesler, clerical sleuth extraordinaire, had better find the answer soon. Because he's next on the killers' list.

Title:Assault with Intent
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    Assault with Intent Reviews

  • Stewart Sternberg

    I've read several Kindle novels, and this is the first that never seemed to end. The whimsy didn't work, the mystery dragged until I didn't care any longer. Maybe I need to be Catholic to be entertain...

  • Joan Horkey

    Not quite as good as Kienzle's other books. Too much going on....

  • Bobbie N

    In the fourth of the series, a plot to kill priests teaching in Detroit's seminaries is uncovered....

  • Diane Wachter

    HB-B @ 1982, 7/83. Four clumsy assassins in Detroit seminaries. Good....