Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think

Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think

This book will literally change the way you think about your next meal. Food psychologist Brian Wansink revolutionizes our awareness of how much, what, and why we’re eating—often without realizing it. His findings will astound you.
• Can the size of your plate really influence your appetite?
• Why do you eat more when you dine with friends?
• What “hidden persuaders” are used by restaurants and supermarkets to get us to overeat?
• How does music or the color of the room influence how much—and how fast—we eat?
• How can we “mindlessly” lose—instead of gain—up to twenty pounds in the coming year?
Starting today, you can make more mindful, enjoyable, and healthy choices at the dinner table, in the supermarket, at the office—wherever you satisfy your appetite.

Title:Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think
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    Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think Reviews

  • Kinga

    I fear of dying from hunger. It’s a very unreasonable fear because what are my chances of dying from hunger? Yet, this is what I must fear because each time my dinner arrives I eyeball it cautiously...

  • Rachael

    Mindless EatingBy Brian Wansink, Ph.D.The best diet is the one you don’t know you’re on.A. IntroductionB. Mindless Margin a. cut out 200 cal per day b. serve 20% less on your plate at a meal c. fo...

  • 7jane

    This author is familiar to me through being quoted in other food-eating books I've read, including the stale popcorn study, and the plate size study, at least. This book is about raising awareness of ...

  • Trevor

    My friend Richard recommended this to me with this review.http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/....It seems there are an endless supply of books coming out at the moment about how our judgement can be...

  • Richard

    See an important related article in the New York Times: "In Obesity Epidemic, What’s One Cookie?" (10 March 2010) by Tara Parker-Pope.Wansink's book combines diet instructions with lessons on the co...

  • Samantha

    I bought this book at a conference after reading just the title. Fully aware that I myself am a mindless eater (most of us are, so don't think you're immune!), I was curious to see what the book had t...

  • Nic

    I breezed through this book in just a few hours. Much of its advice is common sense, but the fact it is backed up by actual research studies gives it more weight. The studies conducted are fascinating...

  • Tiffany

    I read this book for work. It was one of my goals this year. I am an oncology dietitan by day since my husband seems to think that we need actual food to eat and books just won’t cut it (pah!). I wa...

  • Shaun

    Brian Wansink is a food psychologist, an American professor, and a former Executive Director of the USDA's Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion. His book Mindless Eating summarizes some of his re...

  • David H.

    A absolutely fascinating book to read that was just marred retroactively for me by reading about all of Wansink's papers that have been retracted due to a variety of scientific errors, to the point th...