Men of War

Men of War

High tech war -- and how to avoid it

The answer is simple: you would have peace? Then prepare for war. This wisdom is as old as armies. Yet after a few generations, the peace that was paid for with soldiers' blood comes to seem the normal thing, the ordinary thing, and the guardians of peace come to be the symbol of it's opposite.

That is the theme of the second volume in this series: in the future as in the past, you must _guard_ your peace, or there will be war.

In times of danger, survival isn't easy. It takes intelligence, strategy-- and a certain ruthlessness on the part of leaders who know that public safety depends on public strength.

Every society will have it's wars. Thus every society must have it's army -- or be prepared to surrender to one.

Title:Men of War
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  • Nick

    An interesting anthology of varying quality. I found the military science articles to be distracting, because they were too often derailed into pats on the back for the theories that had been proven c...

  • John Schneider

    A solid readAlthough I enjoyed its predecessor more, "There Will Be War Vol. II" succeeded in entertaining and informing me. The insights to military theory in the nonfiction were especially engaging....

  • Carl  Palmateer

    Another good collection of stories and articles. Some of the articles are a bit dated but still of interest and the thoughts on ballistic missile defense seem even more relevant now. My main complaint...

  • Eddy

    Some good or even excellent stories (Eric Frank Russell's Allamagoosa for example) intersperesed with some now dated but even then reactionary essays on military power, wars etc. Read for the stories ...

  • Al Lock

    A reasonable collection of military science-fiction and military non-fiction. ...

  • Charles

    Another good collection. Not quite as many big names but Drake and Anderson are still here, along with Clarke. It didn't really matter, though, even the lesser known writers turned out good stories fo...

  • Papal Bull


  • Ace Davis

    There Will Be War #2...