Journey to the Year 3000

Journey to the Year 3000


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January 14, 3000. You've been hibernating in a space capsule for a thousand years. Now you're awake and ready to return to the Earth of the future—but your computer has horrifying news to report. An evil tyrant named Styx Mori has proclaimed himself Supreme Emperor of Earth. He has agents everywhere—even on other planets. And no matter where you land, you face capture—and even death! What should you do?

If you decide to land on Mars, turn to page 24. If you decide to land on Earth, turn to page 29. If you choose to go back into hibernation, turn to page 31. Beware! You're pitted against the most ruthless tyrant the universe has ever known—and the odds against you are 256,000 to one!

What happens next? Only you can find out. How will the story end? It all depends on the choices you make. And in this adventure in this brand-new series, you can make more exciting choices than ever before!

Title:Journey to the Year 3000
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    Journey to the Year 3000 Reviews

  • Nick Jones

    Journey to the Year 3000 is probably the most ambitious Choose Your Own Adventure book, befitting its label as a "Super Adventure." While maintaining the CYOA books' usual "age 10 and up" suggestion ...

  • D

    هیچ وقت فکر نمی کردم از این کتابا خوشم بیاد؛ چون همیشه انتخابایی که می ذاشتن محدود و پایان هرکدوم مشخص بود. وقت...

  • Nate

    You know, for the first in the new Super Adventure series, they sure didn’t put any effort into making this a super adventure. ...

  • Javi

    I thought I would hate it, but honestly, I loved it....

  • Josiah

    This might be the most fully developed story the Choose Your Own Adventure franchise published. Edward Packard's ability to create compelling narrative shines through, made possible by the book's ext...

  • Sheila Read

    the adventures that I went through when I was bored I just read these books over and over again you would never get to the end of the story....

  • Angelar

    Time travel, visits to other planets, and evil dictators? I still have a copy of this....