The Aristocrat

The Aristocrat


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An infinitely attractive human being—a great lady, American-style—comes alive in Conrad Richter’s wonderful new novel.
She is Miss Alexandria Morley, and in her eighties—a doughty warrior against creeping modernity and mediocrity. She has the warmest of hearts. She is the coolest of strategists. It is a joy to see her do battle.
Secure in her Victorian mansion, in “her” Pennsylvania town, flying her flag in defense of principle and old-time decorum, she takes on and outclasses the mighty coal company (she’s caught them cheating on taxes); civilizes her roughhewn young doctor (good character is no license for crudity); copes patiently (family obligations are sacred) with the poor old cousin who is a tidal wave of garrulous idiocy; stands firm against the poisonous cousin who is a knot of destructive envy; puts herself gently at the service of a sweet young cousin who cannot decide among her eligible beaux.
All around her, in her house, in her memories, the past swirls. But Miss Alexandria lives in the now. She hopes, out of courtesy to her heirs, to die when her stocks are up. She tells the truth to those who can bear it—most especially to herself.
She has learned, from the Southern belle who was her mother, to love the graces of life—and, from the mining potentate who was her father, to give no quarter to foolish circumstances. Even on her deathbed, Miss Alexandria, who has warned the officious clergyman that she won’t have anyone praying aloud over her, wins a gallant victory.
Like her dear ones and her adversaries, her servants and her fellow townspeople, the reader will take his hat off to the Aristocrat.
She is the last of her kind.

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  • Rick

    Conrad Richter is most famous for his trilogy on the settlement of Ohio Country … one book of which (The Town) won the 1951 Pulitzer Prize. Having enjoyed his series, I am reading through all his wo...

  • Jerry Pogan

    Conrad Richter was such a great writer. This book wasn't as good as the other books of his that I've read but it still is exceptional. It is the story of a wealthy older woman in her eighties named Mi...

  • Dawna

    Well worth reading. Not as good as other Richter books, but it's amazing how he makes you feel that he must have been a witness to what he describes. Another compelling look at history thru the eyes o...

  • Ann

    This got tedious toward the end. Luckily it was short....

  • Alicia

    Odd and personal, with undertones of Downton Abbey. An entertaining read....

  • Sharon Zink

    I loved it....

  • Sharon


  • Anna

    People don't write books like this anymore, but they should; the lost art of the character study....

  • Jay

    Love these old stories but this one was a bit monotonous, especially toward the end. However, I really like Alexandria and her sass....

  • AJ

    I feel like I'm committing a sin by putting Conrad's book on such low rating levels. Conrad is from Pine Grove - population 2000. Pine Grove happens to be the hometown of my grandmother and mother. My...