Mary of the Aether

Mary of the Aether


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Fourteen-year-old Mary Lanham lives an unremarkable life in an unremarkable small town, until the day a man in a long, gray cloak creeps out of the forest, and a centuries-old mystery begins to unfold. What is the magical secret Mary's father is hiding, a secret that has put both of their lives in danger? What is the truth about Mary's past that has awakened a great evil? And how can she win the heart of the boy she loves when the whole world is falling apart?

Mary of the Aether is the first volume of a four book Young Adult series set in small-town Arkansas:

Mary of the Aether
Mary of Shadows
Mary of Starlight (coming February 2014)
Mary of Cosmos (coming sometime late 2014)

Title:Mary of the Aether
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    Mary of the Aether Reviews

  • Juliet Waldron

    Mary Lanham thinks her life is a bust—and she’s only fourteen. She lives in a dreary southern town after abruptly moving from Colorado where she and her father lived with Aunt Carol, who is the on...

  • CJ

    "Mary of the Aether" by Jeffrey Aaron Miller came to me by way of Goodreads giveaway contests and what a winner this story turned out to be! Mary Lanham, 14 years of age, has never felt like she fit i...

  • Linda

    Mary of the Aether is a YA fantasy novel about a shy young teenager who is startled to learn that nothing she believes about her seemingly ordinary life is true. When she is discovered and followed by...

  • Rachel

    I'll admit that I was curious to read this book. YA type books are to me a hit or miss kind of read and so I wasn't sure what to expect. This book is definitely worth a read. The characters and situat...

  • Nat

    Quick read for me the fast reader but pacing, the way the magic was described and how the lead grew throughout the tale made me eat this book up....

  • Barb Taub

    Mary of the Aether, the first book of Jeffrey Miller's Aether Series, tells the story of fourteen-year-old Mary Lanham. She's a typical girl, mooning about her crush on Aiden, the “cutest boy in the...

  • Arkansas Book Reviewer

    Being a teenager can stink! But finding out your identity is a lie, is even more rotten. Or, is it?Mary Lanham was a plain girl. She lived a plain life, in a plain town. Her house was plain – even h...

  • Damie Brooks

    Mary is a 14 year old child of a single parent who discovers she is actually hundreds of years old and can harness magic. It's like a watered down Harry Potter without the Hogwarts. 4 stars for the pl...

  • Advenient

    The characters are so realistic. ...

  • Lammergeier

    I like the plot twist. ...