There Will Be War

There Will Be War

In the beginning spears were "high-tech", and the most that one weapon could accomplish at one time was one death. But millennia passed and techniques improved. By the time of the Romans a lucky bolt might impale a file of infantry. By the dreadful 20th century the very existence of the race - we still were earth-bound, then - was at risk. But somehow, even though the weapons grew ever more terrible, that risk was averted and humanity gained first the planets and then the stars. And still the weapons grew, until the very universe has cause to fear the wrath of Man...


Reflex by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
Spanish Man's Grave by James Warner Bellah
Marius by Poul Anderson
The Threat by Advisory Commission
Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
A Death in Realtime by R.S. McEnroe
Overdose by Spider Robinson
Saul's Death by Joe Haldeman
High Frontier by Robert A. Heinlein and Lt. General Daniel Graham
Two Poems by Jon Post
Diasporah by W.R. Yates
His Truth Goes Marching On by Jerry Pournelle
THOR by Weapons Committee of the Citizens' Advisory Coucil on National Space Policy
The Defenders by Philip K. Dick
Unlimited Warfare by Hayford Pierce
The Battle by Robert Sheckley
Military Virtue by Jerry Pournelle
Ranks of Bronze by David Drake
I Am Nothing by Eric Frank Russell
Call Him Lord by Gordon R. Dickson
Quiet Village by David McDaniel
Strategy of Technology by Jerry Pournelle
Widow's Party by Rudyard Kipling

Title:There Will Be War
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    There Will Be War Reviews

  • Terence

    Really more of a 1.5 stars...The stories were readable if not memorable but what really annoyed me about the book was the attitude not just that war was inevitable but that it was "glorious."Permanent...

  • Bill

    Rather disconcerting, I hadn't realised how consistently right wing Pournelle would be. Perhaps a product of the Cold War so he's always looking over his shoulder for how the enemy will come at him. I...

  • Bryan Brown

    I've never read any of the books in this series but I was a long time reader of Jerry Pournelle at his Chaos Manor site. Even from his days writing a column in BYTE. That makes me old I guess. In any ...

  • _

    I had never read this anthology in its originally published form, so when it was re-released this year I decide to pick it up. It is an interesting collection of shorts, essays, and a few poems revolv...

  • David Nichols

    Does this series of military sci-fi anthologies glorify war, as some critics allege? Not always. But several of the offerings in the first volume of THERE WILL BE WAR treat combat, weaponry, and milit...

  • Jennifer Taw

    So much to mine for the class I teach on war -- a dystopian version of the Seven Samurai story, the original short story on which Ender's Game was based, a great piece about human folly by Philip K. D...

  • Ian

    My 2c worth. I have noticed a correlation in the history of military writing, the more contact the author has with actual combat the less adulation the concept receives. In this collection Pournelle h...

  • Metaphorosis

    Metaphorosis Reviews2.5 starsI was never a fan of military SF. Even as a teenager, I found it too macho and 'oplophilic', to coin a phrase - too focused on bigger, better weapons. I enjoyed a few mili...

  • C Patrick Daily

    An enjoyable read that made me feel like a teenager again. Most of the stories in this anthology were written pre-1980's and many by authors just coming into their own by that time, which was also the...

  • James Cobb

    A nice anthology of classic military sci-fi. Three chapters were non--fiction papers pointing out the US' weakness in tech when we really had the best tech. Typical Cold War paranoia. They never dealt...