Warrior! spans the length and depths of interstellar space, breaching the farthest reaches of infinity. From the deepest heart of the starkest black hole to the dazzling chaos of starry inception man endlessly replays the tireless scenarios of war.

Jerry Pournelle, Harry Turtledove, A. E. Housman, Gordon R. Dickson and others contributed to this collection of stories, poems, and essays on war "in all its hair-raising horror and terrifying splendor.

He Fell Into a Dark Hole - (1973) - Jerry Pournelle
Coup - (1967) - Mack Reynolds
The Prevention of War - (1970) - Stefan T. Possony, Jerry Pournelle, and Francis X. Kane
The Wedding March - (1986) - Edward P. Hughes
Ford O' Kabul River - Rudyard Kipling
Fighting Back - Douglas J. Greenlaw and Robert Gleason
Victory - J. P. Boyd
The War Against "Star Wars" - (1984) - Robert Jastrow
Final Solution - Ames MacKenzie
Masterplay - William F. Wu
Defense in a N-Dimensional World - Stefan T. Possony
Epitaph on an Army of Mercenaries - (1939) - A. E. Housman
The Oracles - (1939) - A. E. Housman
The Last Three Days - Timothy P. Sarnecki
The Interrogation Team - (1985) - David Drake
A Time of Martyrs - Jim Fiscus
The Road Not Taken - (1985) - Harry Turtledove
Delusions of Soviet Weakness - (1985) - Edward N. Luttwak
The Day and the Hour - (1976) - Duncan Lunan
House of Weapons - (1985) - Gordon R. Dickson

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    Warrior Reviews

  • Akash Amat

    [partly-read]This one has the Turtledove story 'The Road Not Taken', which also is part of the Kaleidoscope anthology. I was curious to see the editor's intro and that's all I have read apart from the...

  • David Nichols

    Pournelle's THERE WILL BE WAR franchise had fallen into a creative rut by volume 5. There's a lot of filler here: three installments from ongoing series that read more like vignettes than stories, a f...

  • Eddy

    Some now rather ancient essays about war and USA's military strategy mixed in with SF short stories. I didn't bother reading the former, the stories were mostly OK to good.Curiously, for someone who i...

  • Charles

    Volume 5 in the series. Still good stuff....