Born Grace

Born Grace


Haunted by horrific nightmares and strange unexplained powers, 23 year old Grace Dasha is about to find out there is a lot more to her crazy life then she ever expected. With her faithful best friends, Jessa and Rayne by her side, she journeys to Rome to celebrate their graduation from college. But little does she know the strange feeling of déjà vu she’s experiencing isn’t the only surprise the ancient city of Rome has in store for her.

Enter the tall, dark and mysterious Quinton Anders. He has all the answers which Grace has been searching for since childhood, although he has every reason to keep them a secret. His unearthly good looks and knowledge to solve the riddles of her nightmares, doesn’t give him the advantage with Grace he may have hoped for.

Will her stubborn nature and unwillingness to accept the truth mean she’ll fall short of fulfilling her destiny?

Embark on this first adventure of the Aeather Saga. It is scared by the past, and will unravel the path to the future.

Title:Born Grace
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  • Aimee Davis