The Betrayal

The Betrayal


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On their last night together, Highland soldier Duncan MacDonell swore to love his Jenny, and she him, giving themselves to each other with only the Highland moon as their witness.

Jenny's father arranged a marriage for her, and made sure that she could not say no. She had never dreamt of disobeying her beloved father's wishes, but an arranged marriage was too cruel a theft of her dream. Left with no choice, she would betray her true love, and he would never know why.

Now home, the sight of Jenny in another man's arms rouses a fury in Duncan he has never known, even in battle. Forced to face the woman who betrayed him, he fights to hold back the pain that sears his scorned heart. As Jenny struggles to honor her duty to family, she cannot deny her heart's longing. Driven by love, Jenny takes a stand to win Duncan back. But their passion will come at a terrible cost.

Book 2 in the Highland Soldiers series, Scottish historical romances set during the turbulent Covenanter times of 17th century Scotland.

Title:The Betrayal
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    The Betrayal Reviews

  • Daniel

    Historical RomanceAlways been a softy for love. Top it of with history and Highlander's well you leaked my interest. The rebellious suppression continues though it seems there is no direct one. The pe...

  • Maria

    Too short.This is the second book in the series, The Highland Soldiers. It was good, but too short. Jenny and Duncan story was good until it ended the way it did. It was incomplete for me. I loved Ale...

  • Tasha

    After hearing/reading a little about Duncan in the First story I had to learn his Story. I was still trying to understand why her father wouldn't listen... This series will capture your heart, mind, a...

  • Toni

    A little slow, but still good. When I say slow, I just mean some of the scenes were a little drawn out. Still a good read and I liked it better than the first book in the series. Will be waiting for t...

  • Sophia Sterling

    GoodIt ended with the possibility of a continuation, of Duncan and Jenny's life story to be told. I was glad to see got some back bone....

  • Katie

    Another great highlander love story that captures the reader and draws them into the love story....

  • shelly lemonte

    Great read loved it from start to finish...