The Wrong Woman

The Wrong Woman


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The Wrong Woman - New lesbian mystery romance from Jane Retzig.

Kate is a rapidly rising star of the trauma therapy world - London based, shy, uptight, and with an air of aloofness that masks a deep sense of insecurity.
When she has to relocate her 'Traumatology for the 21st Century' conference to Horton Hill 'Deluxe' Hotel and Conference Centre in the heart of industrial West Yorkshire, she is understandably horrified by the state of the place.
Horton Hill is a mess. The car park looks like the surface of the moon. The pool is a health hazard. And the staff seem incapable of speaking intelligible English.
When Naz, the hotel's 'Hospitality Assistant' finds Kate struggling with her luggage, she instantly stops to help. Bright, enthusiastic and hard-working, she is drawn to Kate's barely concealed vulnerability, and desperately wants to make a good impression on the harassed, but undeniably attractive conference organiser.
Despite her natural caution, as the weekend progresses, Kate finds herself warming to Naz's kindness and obvious interest in her.
But she is unaware that her carefully constructed life back in London is starting to unravel.
And when she finds herself accused of a terrible crime, Kate discovers that sometimes friendship and love can be found in the most unlikely of places.

Title:The Wrong Woman
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    The Wrong Woman Reviews

  • Diane Wallace

    Okay series!.....(sigh!)......

  • Joc

    When I started this I assumed (naturally I didn't read the blurb) that it would be an ordinary romance between two women who meet, are attracted and then have to figure out the distance/their backgrou...

  • Luce

    5 STARS!Oh, man. I just wrote a whole review and Goodreads ate it.Anyway. Loved it! I'm glad I mostly listened the audio book as the narrator, Anne Day-Jones is excellent. I wouldn't have appreciated ...

  • Kara

    This was an excellent mystery, but a mediocre romance. For most of the book, I was really riveted by the who-done-it. It was clear who DIDN’T commit the murder, but it wasn’t clear who did….nor ...

  • lov2laf

    This book was a mixed bag for me but I put it down about half way through and don't feel inclined to pick it up again. The two reasons I put the book down were 1) I was soured to whatever romance was ...

  • Kitty McIntosh

    I loved the audio book of 'The Wrong Woman' by Jane Retzig. Shy and seemingly uptight Kate meets Naz while she is running a conference at a Yorkshire Hotel. They seem to be a very unlikely pair but fi...

  • T

    Re-read 1/16/17Loved the skillful intrigue the first time. Listened again before diving into the sequel, A Question of Trust: A Lesbian Mystery Romance. Still 5 stars for me....

  • Book Worm

    If you enjoy a bit of mysterious crime sprinkled with romance and not the typical long-legged brunette or blonde, who is undoubtedly the most stunning woman we have ever seen - then you have found you...

  • Dreaming

    I recently listented to this audiobook again and I had to adjust my rating from four to five stars. As I know the story and "whodonit" I could concentrate on the characters, their backgrounds, their f...

  • Sam Way

    3.5 stars.It took me five days to get into this book, which is weird because I usually finish a book within 2/3 days.I found the first couple of chapters cliche and boring - I won’t sugar coat it. I...