Pure Chance

Pure Chance


Everything happens for a reason, that is Jessa Chance’s motto. But that doesn’t fill in the details of how to deal with the ever changing tides of life. Now her best friend Grace is an Immortal, and Jessa and Rayne find themselves in danger by association. Her life is turned upside down and she’s left trying to make sense of it all while still keeping a sunny smile on her face. Not the easiest task in the world.

Noah Murdock is a good ol’ boy who adores his small town life in Brookshire Trails outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. He’s lived on Earth for years and never regretted a day of it. His job is fulfilling, his best friends Isaick and Quinton are great. But there has always been something missing; that certain someone who could cause a ripple in the waters of his existence. Then Jessa Chance comes along and makes him lose sight of everything he’s ever held true. How could one tiny mortal girl make him forget everything he honored for over fifteen hundred years?

Set sail on this second adventure laced with fate, excitement and tragedy; to unravel the path to the future.

This is not a standalone book.
The Aeather Saga
Book One: Born Grace - Available Now
Book Two: Pure Chance - Available Now
Book Three: Falling Rayne - Available Now
Book Four: Fate's Design - Coming December 2015

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  • Aimee Davis