The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy: Practical Tips for Staying Safe Online

The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy: Practical Tips for Staying Safe Online

The whirlwind of social media, online dating, and smartphones can make life a dream—or a nightmare. For every trustworthy website, there are countless jerks, bullies, and scam artists who would harvest your personal information for their own purposes. But you can fight back, right now.

In The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy, award-winning author and investigative journalist Violet Blue shows you how women are targeted online and how to keep yourself safe. Blue’s practical, user-friendly advice will show you how to:

•Delete personal content from websites
•Use website and browser privacy controls effectively
•Recover from and prevent identity theft
•Figure out where the law protects you—and where it doesn’t
•Set up safe online profiles
•Remove yourself from people finder websites

Even if your privacy has already been compromised, don’t panic. It’s not too late to take control. Let The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy help you cut through the confusion and start protecting your online life.

Title:The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy: Practical Tips for Staying Safe Online
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    The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy: Practical Tips for Staying Safe Online Reviews

  • Tommy Collison

    While it's true that women are disproportionately targeted by creeps online, I felt the book got swamped in an us-versus-them mentality. When describing buying a new phone and being wary of sales asso...

  • Chad Warner

    Online privacy advice aimed at females, but relevant to males as well. It's for mature readers, given the frequent mentions of sexual topics and profanity. It's a bit dated since it was first publishe...

  • Amy (Other Amy)

    I wanted to like this more, as the writing itself was engaging and informative, but as a guide it skipped around too much and there was disappointingly little actual 'how to'. I learned of whole world...

  • Andreas Ragen

    Practical ways to keep oneself safe online.Also a pretty nice fast and easy read. I like it, even though I'm not a girl....

  • Nina

    This is an excellent book explaining both why you should care for online safety and how you should go about it. If the worst has already happened, this book can still help you recover. It sticks to th...

  • Sean Lynn

    This book is great for those who are just starting to learn about, or want a quick guide to safe online practices. As a guy, I am at a much lesser risk from many of the dangers laid out in The Smart G...

  • Kelly

    It's a wakeup call to how easily it is to scope out all of your private information. I love how straightforward it is, and not only does it talk about where your information may be, but there are mult...

  • Debra Parmley

    Every woman should read this book. And men should read it too. ...

  • Shanni

    This is really, really good. As a cybersecurity student, none of the information included is new to me, but it is vital to anyone who uses the internet. With incredibly accessible language, tons of re...

  • Senthil Kumaran

    This is a checklist book for the various steps that a person can take to stay secure and manage their privacy online. This is written for general populace, and does a good work to highlights of perils...