The Magic of Krynn

The Magic of Krynn

Is Raistlin truly dead?

The answer lies in the new Dragonlance novella by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, which gazes into the future of Caramon and his mage-son, and into the dark nether-past of Raistlin.

Untold tales of Krynn.

Tales of sea monsters, dark elves, ice bears, hideous hydra-headed serpents, and loathsome draconian troops.

Further adventures of the kender Tas; the innkeeper Otik and young Tika; the dwarf Flint and Tanis, leader of the companions; Caramon and Raistlin, twon brothers, one, a genial warrior, the other, a sickly magician and scholar.

Nine short stories by superlative writers, plus an exciting new novella by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman.

The Dragonlance Saga goes on!

Title:The Magic of Krynn
Edition Language:English
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    The Magic of Krynn Reviews

  • Jenny

    This book is entertaining. The stories are okay, but they move quickly, and they fit well into the Dragonlance world. I reread "The Legacy" to refresh my memory in preparation for Dragons of Summer Fl...

  • Winston Crutchfield

    The stories range from common adventures to really excellent storytelling. It's always a treat to go back to Krynn....

  • Alex

    It’s hard to know if the Dragonlance Tales books are the beginning of the end, or the beginning of .. the beginning. Fandom certainly clings to the Chronicles and Legends trilogy alone as marks of f...

  • Matt Littrell

    Like all anthologies, I liked some and disliked others. I really liked Finding the Faith and Harvests, as well as A Stones Throw Away. If you love Dragonlance, you'll probably like them overall....

  • East Bay J

    "Is Rasitlin truly dead?"If you have to ask, probably not...I gotta' say, it has been a looooooooong time since I read me some Dragonlance. I loved the original trilogy as a kid because I was a full o...

  •  ?Ruth?

    I'm not a great fan of short stories, although I did enjoy one or two of these DragonLance-based tales. Surprisingly, in a couple of the offerings by other authors in this book, I found some contradic...

  • Rick

    This is a good follow-up to the Twins Trilogy. It was well written and consisted of a series of short stories including answering the question about Raistlin. We find out if he was still alive or if h...

  • BLynne

    Some of the short stories were great but others were not that great. ...

  • Daydreamer

    Not sure how to rate this, since it’s a collection of short stories (which I didn’t know when picking up this book). Some stories were very enjoyable, plot-/style-wise, others not so much. What wa...

  • Colin

    It was nice to be able to return to a collection of stories I loved as a child. I was disappointed to find that I had outgrown the appeal of some of them, but it's still a pretty good collection. Als...