Danger Zones

Danger Zones


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After waiting for years, you've finally been invited to join the daring Society of Adventurers. And as a new member, you must choose to embark upon one of three dangerous missions. You can head to the Takla Makan Desert to hunt for a lost caravan. You can search for priceless documents in the Himalayas. Or you can track down two Americans who have vanished without a trace in the Hong Kong underworld!

Title:Danger Zones
Edition Language:English
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    Danger Zones Reviews

  • Nate

    I’ve read a lot of CYOA books, and this is one of the worst. “Super Adventure” indeed. (Fart noise) ...

  • Nick Jones

    In contrast to the first Super Adventure (Journey to the Year 3000), which featured a more complex and interconnected story than the average Choose Your Own Adventure, Danger Zones is essentially a n...

  • Josiah

    R.A. Montgomery expands his well-known Choose Your Own Adventure writing style in this longer story that allows for even more completely rendered storylines than usual for these gamebooks. You have t...

  • ABC

    Choose from three different adventure: to a desert in China, a mountain in the Himalayas , or Hong Kong....