Effective Testing with Rspec 3: Build Ruby Apps with Confidence

Effective Testing with Rspec 3: Build Ruby Apps with Confidence


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Build and maintain quality software with RSpec, the popular BDD-flavored Ruby testing framework. This definitive guide from RSpec's lead developer shows you how to use RSpec to drive more maintainable designs, specify and document expected behavior, and prevent regressions during refactoring. Build a project using RSpec to design, describe, and test the behavior of your code-whether you're new to testing tools or an experienced developer.

RSpec has been downloaded more than 40 million times. Find out how to use this influential Ruby testing framework to iteratively develop a project with the confidence that comes from well-tested code. Effective Testing With RSpec 3 guides you through developing a Ruby project with RSpec, and then explores the individual components in more detail.

First, learn the basics of installing and using RSpec. Then, build a real-world JSON API, using RSpec throughout the process to drive a BDD-style outside-in workflow. Apply an effective test strategy to write fast, robust tests that support evolutionary design through refactoring. The rest of the book provides the definitive guide to RSpec's components. Use RSpec:: Core's metadata to slice and dice your spec suite in flexible ways. Dig into RSpec:: Expectation's matchers, which can be composed in flexible ways to precisely specify expected outcomes and get good failure messages that help you quickly diagnose the problem. Write fast, isolated tests with RSpec:: Mocks test doubles while pushing your code toward simpler interfaces.

The authors, with a combined 20 years of automated testing experience, share useful, actionable testing advice that will help you have a fun, productive testing experience.

What You Need:

To follow along with the book, you'll need Ruby 2.1+. The book will guide you through installing RSpec 3 and setting up a new project to use it.

Title:Effective Testing with Rspec 3: Build Ruby Apps with Confidence
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    So it looks like a had different expectations for this book.If you are just getting started with the RSpec - this book is definitely for you.I would also recommend this book to junior/mid Ruby/Rails d...

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    Excellent book. I'd call it the definitive guide for anyone who wish to learn not just RSpec, but OO software testing in general. It emphasizes more on testing concepts, rather than RSpec itself.It in...

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    This book can be thought of as a guided tour of the Rspec docs. It has an excellent explanation of the fundamental building blocks of Rspec. It will give you a new perspective on writing/arranging tes...

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    The book gives a good theoretical overview. It explains some important concepts of rspec like how matchers work, how to create custom matchers, how to configure RSpec.But I think it will be more effec...

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    The best book about testing with Rspec. It's not only up to date with recent RSpec (2017), but it also edited very well and it does not contain any bull**** examples like HelloWorld etc. It's straight...

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    Great book on RSpec and on testing in general. It is a comprehensive guide for any RSpec user as well as it guides you how to write a better software via testing, pointing out to some issues that coul...

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    The book introduces you to RSpec from basic usage to newer version updates and best practices, also showing some good usage and ideas behind TDD and when specs could guide your design decisions. I gue...

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    Probably the best book on TDD with RSpec, written by the author of RSpec himself. ...

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    Not the best experience on Kindle but a good reference for teams getting started with RSpec...