Stay Here Tonight

Stay Here Tonight

**Includes a special one-chapter excerpt of LIAR by Hildred Billings**

From the authors of the bestselling lesbian romance book HARD TO GET...


Lonely Lydia has little to look forward to during her long days working at the local LGBT resource center. Except greeting multimillionaire heiress Maxine Woodward, who drops by every week.

But Maxine could barely care who Lydia is. Maxine’s a faraway dream, the ultimate fantasy for young lesbian Lydia. When she attends a high-class fundraiser at Maxine’s country manor, the last thing Lydia expects is for her dreams to come true!

Dancing. Flirting. And a one-night stand that leaves more than her heart racing and her body shaking.

But the fantasy comes to a halt when Maxine tells her young lover to leave. Now. Because Maxine Woodward does not let girls spend the night.


Fresh from the most toxic divorce that side of the Sierra Nevadas, Maxine is the last person looking for love. Lust? Yes. Most definitely. Sex is the only thing that keeps Maxine distracted from ex-wife Penelope long enough to function.

Lydia was supposed to be just another one-night stand. Until the society pages misprint that they’re dating. Then all hell breaks loose – both in Maxine’s legal life, and in her heart.

Will these two finally admit that there’s something more there? Or will Maxine’s obstinate personality and Lydia’s nerves get in the way of something special?

First step? Staying the dang night.


Maxine Woodward wanted something casual with her. Her. A woman who normally didn’t have opportunities like this. Lydia didn’t have anything against casual, right? She understood what that meant and entailed. They weren’t girlfriends. This wasn’t a date for a trial relationship. Maxine wanted to screw someone, and Lydia – of all people – was the one she wanted to screw.

I could say I slept with her. Maybe not to people in general, but to myself… Every time Maxine came by the resource center, Lydia could have that wash of fun memories, knowing that she had seen this gorgeous woman naked, felt her heat, tasted her skin…

“Like I said, I don’t like to waste time. That includes wasting other people’s time. If you want to leave, you should probably do so now. Otherwise, I’m going to have one of my staff suggest to your friend that she leave without you.”

“What’s my name?”

Maxine abruptly turned her head toward her guest. “Excuse me?”

“If you can tell me my first name, I’ll stay.”

Lydia was all about casual if the hot moment presented itself, but not at the expense of her humanity. She wouldn’t let Maxine use her. They didn’t have to be friends. They didn’t really need anything in common, as long as they didn’t hate each other. A physical connection, chemistry… that was all that was needed, right?

Lydia definitely felt that way about Maxine. She simply never guessed it could go the other way.

Maxine squared her shoulders, her honor on the line. “Lydia. I dare you to tell me I got that wrong. I don’t care if your name is actually something else. That’s the name that showed up in my background check, and I’ve bothered to remember it, thank you very much.”

Damn, she was hot when she was bothered.

“All right.” Lydia inhaled a deep breath for confidence.

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