Skull Island: The Birth of Kong

Skull Island: The Birth of Kong


As the ultimate monster icon returns to the big screen in the global blockbuster Kong: Skull Island, Legendary Comics expands the MonsterVerse with the official graphic novel prequel to the film. Discover the secrets of Kong’s mythic origins as the cryptozoological adventurers of Monarch return to the birthplace of one our world’s greatest wonders. As a journey of discovery becomes a desperate escape mission, a team of operatives will fight to survive the hidden dangers of the island – and each other.
Now available for the first time as one epic saga, join Monarch’s mission into myth, revealing the untold history of this god-like creature and the battle for survival that made him the last of his kind. 
This all-new collected edition includes declassified files from the Monarch datacore, revealing expert zoological analysis of some of Skull Island’s most extraordinary florafauna.



Title:Skull Island: The Birth of Kong
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    Skull Island: The Birth of Kong Reviews

  • Ben Brown

    Story-wise, there’s not a lot in “Skull Island: The Birth of Kong” that you haven’t already seen in a ton of other Kong-related media before: a band of characters wind up on Skull Island and a...

  • Kyle Warner

    Fantastic art, basic plot, and poor characterization. Could've used more pages/issues to flesh things out. *shrug* It has giant monsters. I was entertained. Three stars....

  • Gabe Chaves

    An enjoyable read. Nothing ground breaking....

  • Sam Nicholson


  • Raymond Just

    The best of the Monsterverse prequels, this story sets up both the Kong mythology and the central motivation of one of the film's protagonists quite well, enriching the plot line of the movie....