Virgin to Conquer

Virgin to Conquer


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They’re at it again! Ruth Cardello, JS Scott, and Melody Anne come together for another royal novella trilogy. This is the third novella of a three book set.

Escape with three new princes as only these NYT’s bestselling authors could write them.

Virgin for the Trillionaire: Ruth Cardello (April 25, 2017)
Virgin for the Prince: J.S. Scott (June 6, 2017)
Virgin to Conquer: Melody Anne (July 3, 2017)

Robert has always been underestimated in his royal line. There's already the heir and a spare so he has something to prove. With his two brothers finding the love of their lives, he decides to outdo them and join in with the outcast side of their family from the Isle of Rubare Collina. He wants to shock his civilized family by kidnapping a bride.

This all begins as a joke with a friend, though he plans on keeping the secret from his family so they truly think he's gone to the dark side. The problem is that the woman he "kidnaps" isn't the right one. His actress wasn't there and he mistakes Izabella as his willing victim and halls her away.

Robert is out of his league with Isabella, or as her friends know her, Izzy. She's a reporter and knows all about the customs of Rubare Collina and how they were barbarians who kidnapped their brides. She knew they were lying when they said the custom was dead, and now she's ready to play along to get her story.

Sit back and enjoy the ride as another prince gets taken down in this fun novella by NYT's Bestselling author, Melody Anne.

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  • Elisa

    ok so book 3 was a good crack up seriously if I hadn't laughed at Robert kidnapping Izzy I probably would have kneed him in the balls, this trilogy has been a fun one to read because it's a true story...

  • Jenny Harris

    I received this book with the understanding that I could leave a voluntary and honest review. In this book we meet Prince Robert Demande and Isabella Shell. Robert and his cousin Chris are playing car...

  • JoDeen

    I loved the Taken by a Trillionaire series , so when I got a copy of Virgin Conquer I was thrilled and I dived into the book as soon as I could and it was fantastic. In this book we follow Robert and ...

  • Susan

    Not a bad book, but a bit of a disappointment. While I did enjoy the enjoy the unusual relationship between Robert and Isabella for the most part, most of my issues stem from the continuity from the o...

  • Tianna Croy

    I have to say, I love these little fantasy islands that Melody Anne, JS Scott and Ruth Cardello have created. They are extravagant , rich and over the top but oh so much fun. Prince Robert did not dis...

  • Patricia

    I loved this book couldn't put it down. Prince Robert Phillip Demande of Rubare Virgina and his cousin Prince Christopher Demande of Rubare Collina were playing a game of cards. When Prince Robert los...

  • Cathy

    There is a kidnapping, a Prince, a castle, a King, hot sex, and a gift neither of the H&H were expecting. This is the third in a series by one of my favorite authors. This was is the last story about ...

  • Kellie Herrick

    Fun and fast paced. When Robert lost a bet with his cousins he ends up making a mistake that will forever change his life. Isabelle is sound asleep in her room and next thing she knows she is held cap...

  • Mauaqui

    Robert and Chris- cousins and practical jokersChris and Robert (Princely cousins) were playing poker when Chris dared Robert to kidnap his a future bride if he lost the hand. Robert lost the hand in p...

  • Barbara

    The youngest prince gets his brideA kidnapping gone wrong puts Isabella in Robert's hands. When he realizes the mistake he decides not to let her go. This was good with some minor issues that bothered...