Rumpole: The Penge Bungalow Murders & Other Stories

Rumpole: The Penge Bungalow Murders & Other Stories

Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders
It is the fifties, and two war heroes have been shot dead. Defending the suspect is deemed hopeless, so the case is handed to a novice. But the novice's superiors didn't count on the tenacity and wit of the young and hungry Horace Rumpole, as he defends the accused alone and without a leader for the very first time. This two-part adaptation of the novel by John Mortimer also marks the beginning of Rumpole's life-long liason with Hilda ("She Who Must Be Obeyed").

Rumpole and the Family Pride
We rejoin Rumpole and Hilda in the late 1950s, when they have been married for a year or two. Hilda's cousin lives with her husband, the 17th Baron Sackbut, in Sackbut Castle on the Yorkshire Moors. Hilda and Rumpole are invited to the castle when a body is found in the grounds. Meanwhile, in London, Rumpole defends a tramp who has confessed to a triple-murder.

Rumpole and the Eternal Triangle
When Rumpole and Hilda attend a concert performed by The Casterini Trio, Rumpole is surprised to be approached by Elizabeth Casterini - the trio's beautiful violinist. But then the Trio's cellist, Tom Randall, is murdered. Elizabeth's husband is arrested, and Rumpole agrees to defend him at the Old Bailey.

Duration: 3 hrs approx.

Title:Rumpole: The Penge Bungalow Murders & Other Stories
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  • Maryam

    So I didn't know anything about Rumpole before listening to thsi BBC production and my sole reason for choosing it was having Benedict Cumberbatch as young Rumpole and well I liked this production.The...

  • Ilana

    My mind is forever filled to the brim with reasons one should never make gross assumptions about anything or ever generalize about any one group of people, as it is such a vulgar habit, which is somet...

  • Alex Shrugged

    Generally speaking I have NOT enjoyed this retelling of John Mortimer's stories. However, out of the lot that I've listened to, this one is probably the best. It portrays Rumpole as an old man looking...

  • Elizabeth Holen

    I did not know anything about the Rumpole series before picking this audiobook up. Having enjoyed previous BBC Radio dramatizations I felt this one would be enjoyable as well. The multi cast members g...

  • Sharone Powell

    If you're a Rumpole fan, you would love this BBC production. Benedict Cumberbatch makes a wonderful young Rumpole. If you don't know Rumpole, this is a great introduction: from his life a young barris...

  • Juliana

    In the long ago days before television was the radio play as entertainment to fire the imaginationThis modern adaptation was delightful and unlike an audio book had many more sounds and voices added t...

  • Ashley Beery

    A little weird how they did the audio book with the older narrator telling the story while the younger one (Benedict) acted it out with the speaking parts of what the character was actually saying. So...

  • JZ

    So much better than the Ngaio Marsh stories I listened to yesterday, it makes me sad for her. This first novelette describes how Rumpole won his first case, his wife, and his position in the law firm,...

  • Kerrie

    These radio plays capture the spirit of the Rumpole stories, with Timothy West and Benedict Cumberbatch blending beautifully as the older and young Rumpole.If you are looking for a good item to listen...

  • Sara

    Three lightweight, not-very-mysterious mysteries. I purchased the audiobook because Benedict Cumberbatch was one of the voices and I did enjoy his performance. But even with the lure of his voice, I'm...