Rika Redeemed

Rika Redeemed


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Rika is a Marauder.

After years of drifting aimlessly after the war with the Nietzscheans, she has finally found a home with the Marauders—a mercenary outfit comprised of Genevian veterans.

Back in the war, Rika hated her government, but always fought for the woman next to her. Now she fights for her teammates in Basilisk, an elite spec-ops team that takes on the toughest missions.

When General Mill, CO of the Marauders comes to Rika with a top-secret solo operation, she wants to turn it down. But the mission comes with a chance to save Silva, her old team leader from the Nietzschean war.

Without team Basilisk, without the Marauders, Rika must stand on her own against all odds and save the woman who once saved her.

Title:Rika Redeemed
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    Rika Redeemed Reviews

  • Lisa Richman

    Absolutely in the "can't put down" categoryMasterfully done. Few, after escaping enslavement, have the courage to voluntarily enter it again - yet this is precisely what Rika does. The undercover op p...

  • Scott

    A sci-fi story full of robots, intrigue, and a cast that manage to come out on top despite some of the the most horrible things imaginable happening to them.If you've read the first novel and it's pre...

  • Jeanne Fleming

    Redeemed Indeed!Rika and the crew are on a mission to rescue a little girl named Amy, and return her to her father. Amy is sort of mysterious, but one of the crew, Leslie, gains her confidence, and th...

  • Joe Pranaitis

    Author M.D. Cooper brings us the next adventure for the mech woman Rika as she and her team are on a rescue mission. This rescue mission comes with it's own complications as near the end and the hand ...

  • john calkin

    This is a fast-paced shootem' up with a deepening storyline and nice surprises. My favorite twist is having an AI (Artificial Intelligence) placed right into Rika's mech body, expanding her powers and...

  • Zachary

    Really starting to enjoy Cooper's Rika series. This was another excellently written and paced book. While reading the first book in the series (and the prequel as well) would be handy, one could just ...

  • Alastar

    Another HitRika book 2 was another hit, she had a bit more suspense filled moments and I am glad to see Hammerfall being back at full strength. Kelly I feel can possibly help Rika feel more like her o...

  • Steve

    Well woven storyReally enjoyed the way good and evil do the tango in this story. Great cast of nearly human characters expose their humanity in a conflict with an inhuman human. The author not only ma...

  • Gareth

    Reading this one out of order, but doesn't detract from it too much knowing future events :) Another strong story, a little darker in tone as they go up against a nasty government and meet old friends...

  • Rebecca Corvello

    Amazing series and universe! I love that the characters are so believable and flawed. It gets a little odd with all of the technology and it's very detailed descriptions, but once you figure it out it...