The End of Democracy

The End of Democracy


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Most people would agree that democracy throughout the world is in deep trouble. From the polarizing politics of the United States to the endless refugee crisis in Europe to the rise in radical Islam, there is a widespread feeling that our way of life--political, cultural, and social--is under siege. But what if democracy itself is to blame? What if the current threats are not distortions of but inherent to democracy? What if the solution to our present ills is not "fixing" the system, but junking it entirely? Christophe Buffin de Chosal asks these forbidden questions, and answers them unarguably with Gallic wit and glittering style. If you read only one book on politics this year, let this be it!

Title:The End of Democracy
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  • Jim Wesberry

    I have had many of the thoughts expressed in this book on my mind for some time as I have watched US "democracy" floundering while other so called "democracies" fail miserably. The author treads where...