The Little Book of Captain America

The Little Book of Captain America

He made his debut in late 1940 in Captain America Comics #1, fighting Nazis at every turn. Twenty years after World War II, he was found frozen in ice. Now a man living in the wrong time, he became the leader of the Avengers, and fought some of the Marvel Universe's greatest villains: Red Skull, Baron Zemo, Batroc the Leaper, MODOK, and even Cap's former sidekick, now known as the Winter Soldier. With 192 pages of images and text by Roy Thomas, The Little Book of Captain America is your ultimate guide to comics' greatest super patriot!

Title:The Little Book of Captain America
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    The Little Book of Captain America Reviews

  • Alejandro

    The First Avenger from his origins until today! This is the second book, in a series of four, each focusing on some of the heroes and teams of Marvel Comics. HEROIC BOOK! This “Little Book ofâ...

  • Shasika Wijayasekara

    Collection of comics related to Captain America...

  • Quinn Lavender

    A great, short view of Cap through the years, mostly through cover art. I wish there was a little more exposition on some of the covers; some of them go completely unexplained. Also a few were out of ...

  • Jessie L.

    Amazing little book with history facts about Captain America...

  • jay

    full of amazing art, iconic panels & memorable quotes. as a huge fan of Captain America, i thoroughly enjoyed this book and loved every page. two thumbs up!...