Cat Crimes I, II, and III

Cat Crimes I, II, and III

Volume I Contents
Ginger's Waterloo by Peter Lovesey
Bedeviled : a "nameless detective" story by Bil Pronzini
A weekend at Lookout Lodge by Joan E. Hess
Tea and 'biscuit by Jon L. Breen
Horatio ruminates by Dorothy B. Hughes
Scat by Barbara Paul
Blindsided by William J. Reynolds
The last temptation of Tony the C. by Christopher Fahy
Buster by Bill Crider
Catnap by David H. Everson
Last kiss by Douglas Borton
Little cat feet by Les Roberts
Finicky by John Lutz
The duel by J.A. Lance
Archimedes and the doughnuts by Gene DeWeese
The Lower Wacker Hilton by Barbara D'Amato
A proper burial by Barbara Collins

Volume II Contents
Remote by John F. Suter
Saratoga cat by Edward D. Hoch
Tom by Bill Pronzini
The Maltese double cross by Carole Nelson Douglas
All places are alike by June Haydon
Hunger by Christopher Fahy
Ailurophobia by B.W. Battin
The Maggody files: hillbilly cat by Joan Hess
Every Wednesday (a novel idea for a short story) by Nancy Pickard
The Scent of spiced oranges by Les Roberts
The Beast within by Margaret Maron
Kitty litter by Richard Laymon
A Long time sitting by Charlotte Macleod
Cat lady by Carolyn Wheat
The New black cat by Bill Crider
To kill a cat by Barbara Collins
Nine lives to live by Sharyn McCrumb
Five starving cats and a dead dog by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
The winfield trade by Jeremiah Healy

Volume III Contents
Cat got your tongue by Barbara Collins and Max Allan Collins
A few strokes for Mitzi by Herbert Resnicow
Next year, Kankakee by Mark Richard Zubro
Where's mittens? by Matthew J. Costello
No hard fellings by Larry Segriff
Cat burglar by Bill Crider
Fat cat by Nancy Pickard
Kitty by John Lutz
The wall by Lisa Angowski Rogak
Constant companion by Peter Crowther
Dumb animals by DeLoris Stanton Fordes
Life of Riley by Wendi Lee
Catnapper by Joe L. Hensley
Killed in midstream by William L. DeAndrea
Leaving cornucopia by D.C. Brod
Cat house by Melissa Mia Hall
Neural about cats by Jan Grape
Buster by Arthur Winfield Knight

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    Cat Crimes I, II, and III Reviews

  • Karl

    I purchased this compilation due to a number of authors represented here:Volume I Bedeviled : a "nameless detective" story by Bill PronziniBuster by Bill Crider (Featuring a cast member of Sheriff Dan...

  • Kathi Olsen

    These are short stories that I pick up once in awhile when I'm between books, projects or preparing to travel and don't want to start something big.Finally finished with this.Some stories are really g...

  • Ramona

    A great collection of authors who really pulled no punches when it came to including cats in their crime stories. Some were entertaining, others very dark. I chose which ones I wanted to read. ...

  • Serena

    Volume I: 3 starsLovesey, Peter - Ginger's Waterloo ***Pronzini, Bil - Nameless Detective 0 Bedeviled ***Hess, Joan E - A Weekend at Lookout Lodge ***Breen, Jon L - Tea and 'Biscuit ***Dorothy B Hughe...