E.A. Poe Omnibus

E.A. Poe Omnibus

Omnibus bevat de volgende werken:
1. Hans Pfaal (The unparalleled adventure of one Hans Pfaal, 1835)
2. Het verslag van Julius Rodman (The journal of Julius Rodman, 1840)
3. Wie is de moordenaar? (Who is the murderer?, 1842)
4. De vuurtoren (The lighthouse, 1849); een verhaal van Edgar Allan Poe, bewerkt door Robert Bloch.

5.Manly Wade Wellman: Toen de maan scheen (Een verhaal over Poe)
6.Robert Bloch: De man die Poe verzamelde.

Title:E.A. Poe Omnibus
Edition Language:Dutch
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    E.A. Poe Omnibus Reviews

  • Brian

    I know I've read too much Poe in too short a period of time when words like adduce and avidity have crept into my everyday conversation. At a Holiday party this week I actually said "That is a capital...

  • notgettingenough

    My goodness the man's so modern, the following is written in 1836, but what could be more apposite for the Internet Age and the age of Self-Publishing and the age of Academia's Publish or Perish.Edgar...

  • Suvi

    Me and Edgar first encountered each other in seventh grade, when I was 13. I think it was love at first sight when we read one of the short story collections. Not only they were morbid and depicted th...

  • Rachel Marie

    Well fuck. How do i describe Edgar Allen Poe? Guess i really cant. What i CAN say, however, is how amazing he is. His stories are corrupt, depressing, haunting, chilling, goddamn terrifying, and downr...

  • Katy

    Edgar Allan Poe is a mixed bag for me. The stories and poems that I like, I like very, very much; but there are others that are just yawnfests. Still, this is the definitive collection for all Poe fan...

  • Caidyn (BW Reviews; he/him/his)

    Ah, Halloween. I love this month. I love this season. Why? Because it gives me a really good excuse to wear sweaters (without dying from heat or them being practical to survive) and I get to reread th...

  • Siobhan

    I know it's taking me an extremely long time to read this; it's because I'm reading the odd one here and there instead of working my way through them all at once. It will probably take me a couple of ...

  • Orrin Grey

    Poe stories read by Vincent Price and Basil Rathbone seems like a guaranteed proposition. And certainly it is neither the material nor the readings that constitute the problems here.The volume (at lea...

  • classic reverie

    I have been reading and taking notes with this edition and will continue to read this when I read Poe but will post my review with the title of the story. This kindle version has no errors this far bu...

  • Rachel

    My main issue with this book is the very thin pages and the ease that they can tear if not handled properly. Other than that this is a collection I am proud to own. I was already familiar with Poe’s...