Lyssa's Flame

Lyssa's Flame


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### **Everything has turned out wrong...**
Xander has betrayed Lyssa and the Weapon Born, and Alexander has initiated an attack on InnerSol.
Now Andy, Lyssa, and the crew struggle to make sense of what is happening and warn InnerSol about the thousands of missiles that have launched from one of Neptune’s moons.
Meanwhile, in InnerSol, Brit, Jirl, and Petral rush to safety in the wake of Clinic 13’s destruction. Their plan to destroy the Heartbridge clinics is thwarted, and now they must find another way to strike out at the massive corporation.
Through all of this Andy and his crew come to understand that the Psion Group is no longer controlled by humans, but is in the hands of five AIs who do not harbor any special love for humanity, or lesser AIs.
The fight to save the Sol system from an all-encompassing war has just begun.

Title:Lyssa's Flame
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    Lyssa's Flame Reviews

  • Mick Bird

    I've read all the Aeon 14 books and I'm have again enjoyed this series of books. You have all of the elements there, action, intrigue, introspection... I had a feeling that Andy Sykes, his family and ...

  • Marti

    Big book, big happenings, big emotions! Lyssa/Andy & gang, Brit & gang, the Weapon Born, a Colonel in the Terran Space Force and a crime lord all fight for the survival of humankind as well as SAI/Sen...

  • Don Moore

    There were tears, shut up because you'll shed them too....

  • Shady El Damaty

    An Emotional Conclusion and Exhilarating GenesisThere were many memorable moments in this series: The Skyes family moments and kids growing up on a space freighter, the transformative (often violent) ...

  • John

    Heartbreak and hope are the strongest feelings here.The authors have broken my heart and the hearts of all who have come to live and appreciate Andy Sykes. But we also have hope in the forms of Cara, ...

  • Patrick

    OK The book goes to where I thought it might and that's fine. I might jump ahead in the series which stretches out to the far future but I'm in no rush. The characters with the exception of the AI Lys...

  • Leslie Baptiste

    Good book, good series.I enjoyed the premise of the book, I love anything that has to do with artificial intelligence, space, space battles and high-tech gizmos. I basically read this series because i...

  • Gareth

    Very strong book this one. Following on from Lyssa's Call, there is a lot of foreboding and suspense to begin with, as we wait to see what will result from the ending of Lyssa's Call. The overall sens...

  • Jeannie Fletcher

    Another amazing tale from the Aeon 14 universe As with all the books in this series there is plenty of action and adventure. There is also the loss and devastation brought by war, as with all wars the...

  • James C. Fleming

    Good read, impactful story.At first I didn't think I would like going back so far in story line after Tanis and the I2... Now I am so glad I did. James S Aaron did a fantastic job with this series. Li...