Billionaire's Matchmaker

Billionaire's Matchmaker


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From USA Today Bestselling Author Sierra Cartwright… 


An exclusive private society of the world’s most powerful ambitious gentlemen
Sex, Secrets, and Intrigue

Billionaire's Matchmaker

Hope Malloy is not intimidated by rich, powerful men. So when she’s hired to find a bride for billionaire Rafe Sterling, she’s certain the assignment will be easy. Not only is he sexy and a renowned philanthropist, the man is heir to one of the country’s largest hotel fortunes. Who wouldn’t want to marry him?

Rafe Sterling does not want a wife. Too bad it’s the one thing he desperately needs. His father ran off with a woman half his age, and Rafe can’t become permanent CEO of Sterling Worldwide unless he’s married.

When he’s ambushed by the competent matchmaker, he’s captivated by her intelligence and seductive innocence.

All of a sudden, he is thinking about a future and having her under his complete and total command. Will she run when she discovers his deepest, darkest secrets and shocking, sensual demands?

* * * * * Although Billionaire’s Matchmaker is part of the Titans world, this sexy story is a standalone book with a feel-good Happily Ever After * * * * *

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    It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Ms. Cartwright--but holy crap, has she outdone herself with the Titans series! I admit it freely: I read Book 2 first, but had absolutely no trouble following the...

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    Billionaire’s Matchmaker (Titans Book 1) by Sierra Cartwright is an intriguing and exciting new series which involves BDSM. It has such a beautiful and real flavor to the story that the characters s...

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    So Rafe and Hope are supposed to be working together to get Rafe married off. There is this whole thing with Rafe having to be married to keep his job and business and spot in the Titans. But the ...

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    This is why I love Sierra’s writing. She brought the emotion and passion together to create an awesome story. This a super start to what I hope to be a great series. Not too much angst but just enou...

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    5 Star Review Billionaire’s Matchmaker (Titans Book 1) by Sierra Cartwright Sierra Cartwright is one of my favourite writers in the BDSM genre. When I heard she had a new series coming out I jumped ...

  • Cindi Russell

    3.5 stars. Let me explain why. First, let me say I love anything Sierra has written. Her books are automatic one clicks for me. But this book had too much and too little. I didn't think I would ever s...

  • Saskia

    3,5 starThe second book in the Titans series, but it can be read as a standalone.I enjoyed the first part of the story very much. The way that Hope and Rafe connected and the way Hope tried to stay aw...

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    Book two of the Titan series my Sierra Cartwright Rafe is put in a awful position when his irresponsible father ups and leaves with a women half his age. Rafe tries to take control of the business but...

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    Billionaire's Matchmaker ( Titans, book 1) by Sierra Cartwright. Hope is a matchmaker. She has been hired by Rafe's mother to find him a wife. Unfortunately for Rafe his father has run off with a youn...

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    I love alot of Sierra's work, but this.... Wow I don't even know where to start. An intriguing story with realistic and beautifully illustrated BDSM, that makes not only the characters but the whole w...