A Short History of Europe: From Pericles to Putin

A Short History of Europe: From Pericles to Putin

The first short, single-volume history of the continent, from the author of the bestselling A Short History of England

Europe is an astonishingly successful place. In this dazzling new history, bestselling author Simon Jenkins grippingly tells the story of its evolution from warring peoples to peace, wealth and freedom - a story that twists and turns from Greece and Rome, through the Dark Ages, the Reformation and the French Revolution, to the Second World War and up to the present day.

Jenkins takes in leaders from Julius Caesar and Joan of Arc, to Wellington and Angela Merkel, as well as cultural figures from Aristotle to Shakespeare and Picasso. He brings together the transformative forces and dominant eras into one chronological tale - all with his usual insight, colour and authority.

Despite the importance of Europe's politics, economy and culture, there has not been - until now - a concise book to tell this story. Covering the key events, themes and individuals, Jenkins' portrait of the continent could not be more timely - or masterful.

'Full of stand-out facts ... absolutely fascinating' - Richard Bacon, BBC Radio 2, on 'A Short History of England'

'Masterly, perhaps a masterpiece' - Independent, Books of the Year on England's Thousand Best Churches

'Jenkins is, like all good guides, more than simply informative: he can be courteous and rude, nostalgic and funny, elegant, convincing and relaxed' - Adam Nicolson on 'England's Thousand Best Houses', Evening Standard

'Full of the good judgements one might hope for from such a sensible and readable commentator, and they alone are worth perusing for pleasure and food for thought' - Michael Wood on 'A Short History of England', New Statesman

'Any passably cultured inhabitant of the British Isles should ask for, say, three or four copies of this book' - Max Hastings on 'England's Thousand Best Houses', Sunday Telegraph

Title:A Short History of Europe: From Pericles to Putin
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    A Short History of Europe: From Pericles to Putin Reviews

  • Zeb Kantrowitz

    For anyone who has forgotten what they learned in High School or just have no memory of European History, this is the perfect book. It is written not by date or geography but by culture. Starting with...

  • Defneandac

    Really short and fast history of Europe. Although it is short it's full of insight and information. Europe is the cradle of Western culture which dominates the world right now. The question is :' Can ...

  • Maria Espadinha

    Europe in a SnapshotLocated in the Northern Hemisphere, Europe is home of 750 millions of humans. With more than 2000 years of age, this old continent has a lot to tell. However, SJ did the job in 400...

  • Alice (MTB/Alice Tied The Bookish Knot)

    The true history nerd within me from both school and college days was very pleased to find a copy of this book. It condenses hundreds of years of European history into a pleasant collection filled wit...

  • Cliff Ward

    The French Ambassador to Lord Palmerston: If I was not a Frenchman I should wish to be an Englishman.Lord Palmerson: Sir, if I was not Englishman I would wish to be an Englishman.Everyone knows some E...

  • Lise

    Simon Jenkins' writing is what we are all looking for in nonfiction: engaging, funny and clever. He fits in with authors like Diamond, Gombrich and Michael Lewis in that he enables us to pleasantly di...

  • Maddie O.

    I received an ARC of this book via NetGalley.This was exactly what it claimed to be- a short history of Europe. I thought the writing was excellent and accessible, and it was a great breakdown of the ...

  • Victor Sonkin

    An excellent short account of European history, written by someone who's not an academic historian (and can write a lively piece of prose), who's level-headed enough and at the same time not quite neu...

  • Ann Otto

    A good choice to tweak your memory-everything you learned about the history of Europe in high school and college but may have forgotten. As you read, memories of history, literature and historical fic...

  • Wang

    Better than I thought and the author disabused people of some long-held myth such as Bastille. I do find one error where the author stated that Basque was the only part of Spain that wasn't conquered ...