Don't be Sad (Paperback)

Don't be Sad (Paperback)


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Since its first edition, readers from all over the world have benefited from this popular and heartening book, making it a perennial bestseller in various languages. Rooted in the commandments of Allah, the Exalted, and the Sunnah, and enhanced by insights and examples from both Muslims and non-Muslims throughout the centuries, this new and revised 4th Edition is an absolute must-read for everyone. Don't Be Sad is full of practical advice on how to banish sadness and disappointment from our lives, replacing them with a realistic and ultimately satisfying Islamic outlook. It exposes to the modern reader how Islam teaches us to deal with the tests and tribulations of this world. So take heart and hold firmly onto the rope of Allah. From the translator, Faisal ibn Muhammad Shafeeq: The author of Don't Be Sad illustrates through the Qur'an and the Sunnah how every modern spiritual ailment can find remedy in Allah's Book or in the life of the beloved Prophet (blessings and peace be upon him). It is an inspiring collection of historically-based anecdotes of prophets, scholars, and other people of accomplishment and their victory over life’s turmoil and tests. This book attempts to offer strength to people today to aid them in their struggle to maintain emotional and spiritual equilibrium in a demanding world during trying times.

Title:Don't be Sad (Paperback)
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  • Syazana Jeffry

    i've never ever read with such vehemence i mean this one book by Aid al-Qarni literally has touched me so deeply it changed the course of my life. i guess it’s the peace of mind it gives me, one of ...

  • Ayisha Ali

    I love this book very good book ...

  • Bliss in Pages

    Of all the books I've read, I finished this the longest. Simply because I dread to reach the last page. I read it like I take my daily vitamins. I keep pausing to reflect and going back to certain cha...