The Counterfeit Billionaire

The Counterfeit Billionaire


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I have everything I ever wanted. Now I want the only thing I can’t have. Annabelle.

I've been on my own since my parents kicked me out. I made my first million at twenty and never looked back.
Then I found out I was the long, lost son of the wealthy and powerful Winters family.
Their name means fame, fortune, power.
F**k that.
Blood doesn’t make a bond
The Winters might be glad they’ve found me, but they need to understand one thing:
I was never lost.
Until now.
When a mix-up leaves me homeless, I find myself living in Winters House.
It's too close. Too much. Too in my face.
The little café down the street is the perfect escape.
Perfect coffee. Amazing brownies.
And Annabelle.
She has a smile like sunlight, enough energy to fuel an army, and I can’t get her out of my head.
I want everything from her.
Her heart.
Her body.
My life is upside down, and Annabelle is the only thing that makes sense.

My divorce shattered my bank account and my confidence in equal measure.
But my café is thriving and I’ve almost saved enough to buy my own place.
I finally have my life on track.
The last thing I need is a distraction.
Especially one as gorgeous, confident, and charming as Chase Westbrook.
I know men like him. They’re sweet and seductive, right up until they rip out your heart.
Our flirtation started off innocent enough, but as each day passes I’m afraid I’ll do the one thing I know will destroy me.
Fall in love with Chase.

The Counterfeit Billionaire is a standalone romance with a happy ending. It’s part of the Scandals of the Bad Boy Billionaires series and reveals more about the notorious Winters family. You can read it on its own, everything you need to know is explained, but once you get a taste you'll want to read the others ;}

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    Chase Westbrook, is adopted and found out while looking through his parents file cabinet trying to find his birth certificate, not only is he adopted, but his baby sister Violet too. At age 18 after b...

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    The Counterfeit Billionaire, by Ivy Layne is a 306-page contemporary romance novel and is the tenth book out of a 10-part series (other reviews can be found below). It is written from a first-person P...

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    PERFECT FIT PASSIONATE ROMANCETHE COUNTERFEIT BILLIONAIRE IS STEAMY AND FULL OF PASSION. I waited for this story with bated breath and was not disappointed. From the moment I started reading, I did no...

  • Becky Claxon

    This is another good book in this series. If you read the last book in the series, Chase Westbrook is the brother/cousin the Winters family has been looking for that Chase’s mother gave up for adopt...

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    This is one wonderful series about the Winters Family. In other stories it comes out that Anna Winters had a child out of wedlock and gave him up for adoption. The families have not stop looking for h...

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    Wow! I have been a big fan of the Winters and the Sinclair’s families...From The Alpha Billionaire Club to the Scandals of the Bad Boy Billionaires. They all have interesting stories to tell. This o...

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    The FinaleChase Westbrook was the illegitimate son of the relationship between Anna Winters and William Davis, prior to her falling in love with and marrying James Winters. Anna struggled with her dec...