Reed King’s amazingly audacious novel is something of a cross between L. Frank Baum’s The Wizard of Oz, Douglas Adams’s A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, and Ernie Cline’s Ready Player One.

In Reed King’s wildly imaginative and possibly prescient debut, the United States has dissolved in the wake of environmental disasters and the catastrophic policies of its final president.

It is 2085, and Truckee Wallace, a factory worker in Crunchtown 407 (formerly Little Rock, Arkansas, before the secessions), has no grand ambitions besides maybe, possibly, losing his virginity someday.

But when Truckee is thrust unexpectedly into the spotlight he is tapped by the President for a sensitive political mission: to deliver a talking goat across the continent. The fate of the world depends upon it.

The problem is—Truckee’s not sure it’s worth it.

Joined on the road by an android who wants to be human and a former convict lobotomized in Texas, Truckee will navigate an environmentally depleted and lawless continent with devastating—and hilarious—parallels to our own, dodging body pickers and Elvis-worshippers and logo girls, body subbers, and VR addicts.

Elvis-willing, he may even lose his virginity.

FKA USA is the epic novel we’ve all been waiting for about the American end of times, with its unavoidable sense of being on the wrong end of the roller coaster ride. It is a masterwork of ambition, humor, and satire with the power to make us cry, despair, and laugh out loud all at once. It is a tour de force unlike anything else you will read this year.

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    FKA USA Reviews

  • Ashley

    Had it not been for the free ARC I received from NetGalley, I would most likely not have finished this book. The overall story arc was a typical quest story. But the incessant use of lingo from the dy...

  • Dave

    FKA stands for "Formerly Known As." Sort of like AKA is "also known as." This novel presents a post-dissolution view of North America after wars, famine, etc., split the country up into different enti...

  • Bandit

    I’m always up for a dystopia, but had I been aware of this one’s voluminous page count, not sure I would have read it. Conciseness…I’m a huge fan of conciseness, precision, succinctness, just ...

  • Mindi

    I saw this book a number of times before I realized that my friend Audra @ouija.doodle.reads was reading it. She said it had footnotes and was hilarious and I immediately knew this was one that I need...

  • Jennifer

    In this dystopia, the USA has been split up into several territories based on how they viewed android rights and the religious implications. Our MC, Truckee Wallace, is just a kid and is given a huge ...

  • Gerhard

    Review to follow... This was the literary equivalent of a Michael Bay movie. Directed by Jerry Bruckheimer....

  • Sydney Smith

    Thank you to Flatiron Books for the ARC! “How would you like to save the world, son?” FKA USA is a wild ride. If you’re tired of reading the same old formulaic dystopian novel, this is the book...

  • Faith

    This was imaginative, but I couldn’t stand the writing style. I was not in tune with its language and rhythm and I couldn’t get into the whole “talking goat” thing. Most of the time I was just...

  • Claire Draper

    Reed King is an amazing writer. And though I wonder who this bestselling author is writing under the pseudonym Reed King, I think they did an amazing job. This world is immersive and the writing is cr...

  • Tonstant Weader

    The book reviews that I struggle with the most are for those books that I fall in love with. I want to say “Trust me, just read it.” FKA USA by Reed King is one of those books. Trust me, just read...