Hours Alone: Sensual Afternoons

Hours Alone: Sensual Afternoons


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A Bold New Voice In Women's Erotic Fiction.

When Alexandra was 16, a truck crossed the center line of a country road and would have crashed head-on into the car she was driving if her father hadn't grabbed the steering wheel from the passenger seat and swerved them out of its path.

Twenty-two years later, Alexandra is married with two children. Her friends, co-workers, and husband call her Al, a nickname that has settled upon her along with the routine of suburbia.

Al doesn't believe she is as good a parent as her father was, and worries whenever that next truck crosses the center line she won't know how to protect her kids. And lately, when her husband returns home from business trips, Al feels nothing—not that she doesn't love Hoyt, but why doesn't she miss him when he's gone?

Seeking to discover the Alexandra she always thought she'd be, Al engages in a series of sexual fantasies and affairs, not realizing that danger isn't always as obvious as a truck crossing the center line.


Title:Hours Alone: Sensual Afternoons
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  • Isabella Harron

    A Worthy ReadI found this book compelling and unforgettable. After finding it difficult to put down I wondered how many other women can relate to Alexandra as I did. To the author: keep up the good wo...

  • Kathleen A Gotch

    I didn't think that it that good.No Get you in fact.Phone with her lost,you may find something like I don't get too bad they Get you some?q...