The Bruce Lee Way: Motivation, Wisdom and Life-Lessons from the Legend

The Bruce Lee Way: Motivation, Wisdom and Life-Lessons from the Legend


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- An elegant handbook packed with Bruce Lee quotes, stories, personal photos, letters and ephemera
- Distills the life, philosophy and teachings of Bruce Lee into easy-to-absorb lessons
- Foreword by Bruce Lee's Daughter, Shannon Lee

Bruce Lee was more than a movie star or a martial artist. For many people, he was a living example of the incredible things a person can accomplish through dedication, perseverance and sheer force of will. In the 33 years before his untimely death, Bruce Lee created new systems of fighting, and became an international film star, television personality, philosopher and cultural icon in the process.

This inspirational guide presents a carefully curated selection of Bruce Lee photos, insights, stories, anecdotes and ephemera. It distills the iconic fighter’s approach to making the most out of life into a beautifully bound book that will be treasured by Bruce Lee fans, as well as any reader looking for an inspired approach to living a richer, more fulfilling existence.

Title:The Bruce Lee Way: Motivation, Wisdom and Life-Lessons from the Legend
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    The Bruce Lee Way: Motivation, Wisdom and Life-Lessons from the Legend Reviews

  • J.K. Grice

    I've never actually sat down and watched an entire Bruce Lee movie, but I have always been fascinated by him. When I first saw the film, DRAGON: the BRUCE LEE STORY, many years ago, I became an even b...

  • Daniel

    I knew nothing about Bruce Lee before reading The Bruce Lee way. He did so much in such a short life. i liked that this book did not take me forever to read. My favorite thing about the Bruce Lee way ...

  • Lena Denman

    This is a great crash course into who Bruce Lee was as a man and fighter. His legend still continues. I was amazed at how his physical strength was matched, if not overcome, by his mental strength. In...

  • Mark Austin

    Having read most of Bruce Lee's books, this one was short and expensive for what was in it. That said, there were a few things I don't remember seeing anywhere else so not a total loss....

  • Timothy

    This book could easily be read in one short sitting. It's little. If you're already a fan of Bruce Lee, you won't learn much of anything new here. But it's still a fun little book with photos and copi...

  • Sarah

    More Bio than Wisdom but it is a biography. Great photos. ...

  • Joseph Hirsch

    Quentin Tarantino's last movie (and perhaps literally his final one) "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" was wildly successful at the box office, though it divided many of his longtime fans. Some in fact ...

  • Angela Brooks

    This books give you a glimpse into Bruce Lee and his philosophies about life, family and work. It proved photos of hand written notes from Bruce. It has photos of him with quotes of his. It's a great ...

  • Jason Wilson

    3.5 Stars ...

  • Karenb

    I already loaned this book to a friend to read....