The alliance of the four kingdoms crumbles when armies belonging to powerful horrors from an era before time itself existed break their way through the Great Trees from the old "Slavic" speaking world of magic and gods into the "English" speaking world of mankind.

Dion, a young man in his early twenties, is then thrust out of the besieged city of Echa on a task to get help from the king, but finds that their kingdom is no longer the safe haven it once was. Things have come out of the Great Trees that have not lived in the world outside of old wives' tales, and Nightmares walk the earth, but not everything is lost...

This light-hearted book is full of action, magic and humor, and the main characters in it are young, especially the dragon, Zmai, who is one year old, or as he said to king Valan - he is "edna rok star", since he does not speak English, but fortunately for the dragon, Dion speaks the Old language and can talk to the dragon and translate for us.

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    Vedientir Reviews

  • Manuela

    The first in The Trees of Man series, "Vedientir" will easily grab your attention right from the start. With its roots in myths and fairy tales, this fantasy novel is full of fast-moving action and ex...

  • Dejan

    For anyone like me who's coming from a Slavic country the book is interesting as it's inspired by old Slavic mythology, but that could appeal to non Slavic people too as it talks about universal theme...

  • Ivan Hladni