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Win is the council assassins’ handler, and that means he has to keep them safe. That’s not an easy thing to do when there’s a group of people trying to kill them, but Win has done his best, and now they’re down to only six people to eliminate before he can take care of his family. But his obsession with their safety means he doesn’t have time for anything else, and that includes Graham, the assassins’ cook—and his mate.

Graham has suspected there was a bond between him and Win ever since he arrived at the warehouse, but since he’s human, he can’t be sure. He won’t get any answers from Win, who spends more time in his office working than he should. If Graham wasn’t there to make sure he ate and slept, he probably would have collapsed, and that’s the last thing Graham wants.

Graham’s opportunity to find out if that bond is really present comes when the council puts Win on a forced vacation. It so happens that Graham is headed home to his parents for two weeks, and somehow, Win ends up going with him. Will that interlude be enough for Graham to get through to Win? Or will Win be unable to forget about the work waiting for him back home and ignore Graham? Will the assassins finally find out what’s really happening with the people trying to kill them?

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  • Sandy Hessel

    First I need to admit that I haven’t read all the books in this series. And I am horrible about remembering all the small details in books that either have a lot books in them or are connected to ot...

  • nana, inquisitor

    I'm the happiest person alive. I recovered my faith in books.Win is my favorite character from this series since the start. I was a bit worried since I got disapointed with some books about some of my...

  • Ute

    Win and GrahamI received an advanced reader's copy of the book and I am voluntarily leaving my honest review and recommendation. I really liked this story. I love the whole series and I'm always happy...

  • Ruth Laureano

    I was waiting for this book so much, I wanted Win to have his Happy Ever After, he is always working, and I am glad it was with Graham, I love how everything came about , and like all Catherine lieven...