Pain and Prejudice: A call to arms for women and their bodies

Pain and Prejudice: A call to arms for women and their bodies


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'Women are in pain, all through their bodies; they're in pain with their periods, and while having sex; they have pelvic pain, migraine, headaches, joint aches, painful bladders, irritable bowels, sore lower backs, muscle pain, vulval pain, vaginal pain, jaw pain, muscle aches. And many are so, so tired ... But women's pain is all too often dismissed, their illnesses misdiagnosed or ignored. In medicine, man is the default human being. Any deviation is atypical, abnormal, deficient.'

Fourteen years after being diagnosed with endometriosis, Gabrielle Jackson couldn't believe how little had changed in the treatment and knowledge of the disease. In 2015, her personal story kick-started a worldwide investigation into the disease by The Guardian; thousands of women got in touch to tell their own stories and many more read and shared the material. What began as one issue led Jackson to explore how women - historically and through to the present day - are under-served by the systems that should keep them happy, healthy and informed about their bodies.

Pain and Prejudice is a vital testament to how social taboos and medical ignorance keep women sick and in anguish. The stark reality is that women's pain is not taken as seriously as men's. Women are more likely to be disbelieved and denied treatment than men, even though women are far more likely to be suffering from chronic pain.

In a potent blend of personal memoir and polemic, Jackson confronts the private concerns and questions women face regarding their health and medical treatment. Pain & Prejudice, finally, explains how we got here, and where we need to go next.

'A major contribution to feminist writing of the 21st century' Caroline de Costa, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, James Cook University
'Gabrielle Jackson deploys facts to tear away the destructive myths that surround women's health' Lenore Taylor, Editor, Guardian Australia
'This book could not be more timely or important.' Katharine Viner, Editor, The Guardian

Title:Pain and Prejudice: A call to arms for women and their bodies
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    Pain and Prejudice: A call to arms for women and their bodies Reviews

  • Cass Moriarty

    Journalist Gabrielle Jackson was first diagnosed with endometriosis in 2001 and after writing about her experiences in The Guardian in 2015, and subsequently being overwhelmed with emails from other w...

  • Sam

    This should be a high school text book and compulsory reading for all doctors....

  • Krista McCracken

    Fantastic read that I recommend to any folks living with chronic pain, pelvic pain, or who have overlapping pain conditions. A broad look at the medical field's failure to research, listen, and treat ...

  • Armelle Davies

    Every woman and person with female sex organs should read this book. Every medical professional should read this book. Hell, every man should read this book so they can understand how utterly woefully...

  • Tara

    It took me awhile to get into this book, I found the colloquial and casual language jarring but I realised that it is one of the benefits of this book: it’s accessible. It presents a broad discussio...

  • SHR

    3.5Easy to read and interesting. Based on research, interviews and personal experience. It explores the way women's pain is perceived and treated differently to men's pain. It rates a little lower for...

  • Meg

    From the age of 12, I saw probably over 100 doctors, specialists, surgeons, physios, and alternative medicine practitioners. I wish just one of them had read this book so that it hadn't taken more tha...

  • Scoots

    A must-read for all women and allies....

  • Megan De

    This book is a must read - not just for those interested in women’s health but for anyone who is a woman or knows a woman!...