One More Secret: A sweet western romance (Mistletoe Matchmakers of Clearwater County Book 2)

One More Secret: A sweet western romance (Mistletoe Matchmakers of Clearwater County Book 2)


This Christmas, if Brock and Lily want to fix up the best matches, they have to pretend to be married to each other… or lose the town’s largest money-making event of the year.

‘Tis the season and the Mistletoe Matchmakers are working in full force to find the perfect match before Santa slips down the chimney.

Ready to give Brock Wilson a piece of her mind in no uncertain terms, Lily Dean storms into the Wilson Matchmaking Offices and walks in on a woman proposing to Brock Wilson. Stammering in embarrassment at her intrusion, Lily attempts to escape, but Brock grabs her and claims her as his wife.

His wife, of all things!

Brock can’t get away from the woman proposing to him for the seventh time. Every time he turns around, there she is.

Thankfully, Lily walks in at the right time and Brock introduces her as his new bride. Rather than reject him and reveal him as the liar he is, Lily plays along but the promise in her eyes declares he’s going to pay while her smile and hand-holding suggests she’s the ever-loving-ever-doting new bride.

Their chance at happiness is within reach, but Brock and Lily can’t get past their mutual distaste for each other, until their lies force them to consider each other as more than enemies.

Will the façade of a marriage be exactly what they need to realize the best match they can make this holiday season is with each other?

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Title:One More Secret: A sweet western romance (Mistletoe Matchmakers of Clearwater County Book 2)
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    One More Secret: A sweet western romance (Mistletoe Matchmakers of Clearwater County Book 2) Reviews

  • Gale

    This story is about Lily Dean and Brock Wilson, the next couple to be matched in Mistletoe of Clearwater County. It’s a fun ride – well, for me anyway; probably not so much for Lily and Brock! –...

  • Anita Fuhrmann

    This is truly a case of opposites attractig...or is that Not attracting?? Brock Wilson and Lily Dean have been rivals and not-really-so-friendly enemies for as long as both of their families have been...

  • Diane

    I’m ready to visit Mistletoe! Brock and Lily have known each other for years. They each work at their respective family matchmaking businesses in Mistletoe, Montana. But Lily believes she will have ...

  • Sue Brooks

    Bonnie R. Paulson writes another amazing book!!! I will state that you need to try to read these books in order -- it will help keep you informed as to what has previously happened with the characters...

  • Sherri Tutor

    I'm really liking this series and the town of Mistletoe. The Deans and Wilsons are at it again, matchmaking, only it's with Brock and Lily, and a stalker after Brock. A fake marriage between Brock and...

  • Michelle Ferrari-Johnson

    The Truth UncoveredWow! There is so much more to Brock than meets the eye! He has a reputation of being a player. When Lily agrees to be fake a marriage with him, she unravels the mystery of Brock Wil...

  • Pauline Frost

    A well written perfectly paced story pulling you in from the start. A small town where family is important and everyone else in town knows what is going on. This one about Brock and a stalker he canno...

  • Gwen Hight

    One More Secret A sweet western romance( Mistletoe Matchmakers of ClearwaterA very good story about love and family and friends and a couple that fall in love as they gave a relationship...

  • Anne Nelson

    An excellent readI think I enjoyed this book more than the last! Lily and Brock make a great couple. Excellent storyline with laughter, no tears but a bit of suspense. I can't wait to see what next in...

  • Beka

    Good bookI liked Brock and Lily but the whole Julie part really creeped me out. But the romance between Brock and Lily was great it had me invested and I loved how we got to follow up on Taylor and Ro...