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When Rock Wolfe was fourteen, he tried to kill his father.

Twenty years later, someone else finished the job.

Now Rock is returning to New York for the reading of the billionaire's will. No way did Derek Wolfe leave anything to his oldest son, but according to Rock's brother, his presence is required.

Estate attorney Lacey Ward isn't looking forward to the reading. None of Derek Wolfe's children will be happy, least of all his oldest. When Rock enters the conference room, Lacey is stunned. He's a rebel--a biker all muscled and gorgeous in black leather. This won't be easy, especially since she can't stop staring at him.

Rock pays no attention to the reading. He's lost in a fantasy of bending his father's hot attorney over a desk. He's not a commitment kind of guy, though, and she screams white picket fence. Sparks fly between them, but the murder lurks in the back of their minds.

Rock knows all his family's secrets...or so he thinks. Mysteries seem to hide everywhere--mysteries that threaten not only his and Lacey's future but their lives as well.

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    Rebel Reviews

  • Tzelina

    3 - 3.5/5 ­čîčMixed feelings about this one !...

  • Mackenzie

    2.5 stars This one was one I was intrigued by but it didn't quite hit the mark for me personally. If you like sex between the Mc within 15 minutes of their meeting it might work for you though. It was...

  • Paganalexandria

    DNF without prejudice. Part of Taste: 2021 Edition boxset, and could tell after a couple of pages the writing style was not going to work for me....

  • LaTonja

    Welcome to The Wolfe family. A family full of mysteries and secrects. We meet them all...i think. This Rocks book. The oldest brother hated his father for good reason, but after his father's death Roc...

  • TheSassyNerdBlog

    When I heard Helen Hardt had another series coming out, I was intrigued as hell. I love her other work, so I was excited to see what this would entail and honestly if you liked her other world she cre...

  • Linda Dunn

    Hellion on Wheels...I was so excited for this new series by Helen Hardt. I was reeled in right from the first chapter, it's that awesome. Rock is everything bad but so, so good. Black leather, a biker...

  • Coco.V

    ­čÄü FREE on Amazon & on Apple iBooks today (10/30/2021)! ­čÄü...

  • Angela

    Rock 'Rebel' Wolfe and Lacey WardBeing sent away at the age of fourteen. After spending four years in a private military school, for something he didn't do, Rebel is now going back home, for the readi...

  • Martha

    Wolfes of Manhattan is a brand new series by Helen Hardt. What an amazing way to begin this series.Rock Wolfe is the true definition of an alpha male. He is dark, rough and raw. He definitely demands ...

  • Karen Aguilera

    Yet another amazing book by the talented Helen Hardt.What do you get when you have a hot, badass biker and an estate attorney? You get one amazing story.Rock comes back to deal with the reading of his...