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1 of Popsugar's 17 Thrillers That Will Have You on the Edge of Your Seat!

In this wicked debut, safecracker Michael Maven must pull off the most dangerous theft of his long career--or his friends and family will be killed.

Safecracker Michael Maven's latest job should be simple: steal a rare coin from a New York apartment. Then the coin's owner comes home with a beautiful woman. So he hides. Then she murders him. So he hides a bit better. Then she tries to take the coin herself, which is the last straw. While Maven narrowly escapes being killed himself, he's then coerced by her boss, a sadistic drug lord, into a far more complicated, far more dangerous job.

If Maven fails to crack the safe of a rival cartel boss in Miami, his friends and family will die. If he succeeds, they still might. Which means he not only has to somehow pull off an impossible heist, but also outwit two crime bosses as well as the woman, his reluctant new partner.

Safecracker is fast-paced, has tons of action, and it's cinematic in the most appealing way.

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    Safecracker Reviews

  • Nilufer Ozmekik

    Do you like honored, charming thief stories? Nope, I’m not talking about Robin Hood or box office disaster of Taron Egerton (thankfully he got rid of tight pants and wore more colorful clothes to be...

  • Paromjit

    Ryan Wick's fabulous debut crime thriller is a cracking read, fast paced and addictive, featuring expert New York safecracker and thief, Michael Maven, trained by his parents, although his father is n...

  • megs_bookrack

    Professional safecracker, Michael Maven, has pulled off a number of dangerous heists over the course of his career.His latest job, obtaining a rare coin from a New York City apartment, seems fairly si...

  • CYIReadBooks (Claire)

    Bam! This book hits you like a freight train. It's a high octane read that is like an adrenaline rush as you follow professional thief Michael Maven on his missions.On one particular mission, however,...

  • Monica

    Great action thriller! Michael, our main character, is a thief by profession but also manages to be honest and ethical in lots of other ways. I really enjoyed getting to know his quirks - although he ...

  • Carolyn

    Ryan Wick's debut novel is a thoroughly enjoyable thriller that makes for addictive reading. Michael Mavin, the safecracker is a charming thief who owns a movie theatre as a legitimate business to lau...

  • Nenia ? I yeet my books back and forth ? Campbell

    I'm here for this book about heisty heisters that heist heists heistily....

  • Dianne

    Michael Maven could be my newest book hero! Ryan Wick is DEFINITELY on my authors-to-grab-their-books-as–soon-as-they-are-published list!SAFECRACKER has all the thrills, the danger, the action and t...

  • Bam cooks the books ;-)

    *3.5 stars rounded up.Michael Maven, the antihero of this story is a safecracker: 'Safes are like puzzles--expensive highly meticulous puzzles that only exist for the sole purpose of keeping people fr...

  • Chelsey (a_novel_idea11)

    Michael is a criminal. He was born to parents who committed crimes and he followed in their footsteps. He is a professional safe cracker and is working on a big case when his target unexpectedly comes...