Dangerous Memories

Dangerous Memories


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From USA Today bestselling author Amanda Siegrist comes an intense romantic suspense that will make you swoon and hold you on the edge-of-your-seat until the very end.

Has a new evil arrived, or an old terror returned?

Agent Danny O’Rourke only wants one thing—his sister, Aubrey, to come home. He couldn’t save her from being taken, but the least he can do is help her through her turmoil. Except one thing is standing in his way—the Caldwell family. He wants to hate Kat Caldwell the most, but no matter how hard he tries, he doesn’t hate her. He wants her. So badly. When his investigation connects the dots in his latest murder case, pointing to Kat as the next victim, he’ll do everything in his power to keep her safe. He won’t fail her like he failed his sister. The closer he gets to the truth, the more he realizes he might be all wrong in his assumptions.  He already lost his heart to her, but he won’t lose her to a killer.

The entire Lucky Town Novel series: (Each book can be read as a standalone.)
Escaping Memories (Book 1): Logan & Aubrey
Dangerous Memories (Book 2): Danny & Kat
Stolen Memories (Book 3): Seth & Pepper
Deadly Memories (Book 4): Deke & Charlotte
Forgotten Memories (Book 5): Bolt & Cherry

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    Dangerous Memories Reviews

  • Dianne

    He felt both the guilt of a brother failing to protect his sister, Aubrey and the guilt of a lawman failing to protect the victim. Now, he is caught up in a tumultuous hate/love relationship with Kat ...

  • Sherry Fundin

    In Book I of the Lucky Town novel series, Escaping Memories by Amanda Siegrist, we met Logan and Aubrey. Now, I am excited to meet Danny and Kat.I have loved spending time with this tight knit, yet dy...

  • Jenny Prose

    Review for Dangerous Memories By Amanda Siegrist4.5/5 StarsThis is an awesome romantic-drama. It is a 2 book series of which this is book 2. I did read book 1 because I wanted the back story for book ...

  • Thi

    This book is a great addition to the series. It was great getting to see how Danny and Kat’s relationship progress. There is a lot of twist and turns that keep you guess who the bad guy is and how i...

  • Brenda Moser

    This is a well written romantic suspense with strong characters and an emotional storyline. The author does a great job pulling you in with all the danger and suspense as she takes you on a steamy and...

  • Paula Genereau

    oh my gosh. Amanda just keeps putting out the best books. I loved this story...

  • Minx

    True Rating 4.5 stars!I love to read stories where the main characters have a palpable chemistry and in Dangerous Memories I could feel it between Danny and Kat. Things did not start out hot and heavy...

  • Dimple

    First time reader of Ms. Amanda Siegrist and I'm impressed. Although I hadn't read the first book in this series, Dangerous Memories stands on its own. I can't imagine being a protective brother and ...

  • (Energy)

    I was super excited that Danny was the star of Dangerous Memories because he drove me nuts in book one. He was being an overprotective brother, but he was way overprotective. And while he is still an ...

  • Mary Dean

    Enemies to lovers fans, this is the book for you. It has a great push and pull between two characters who start out with an annoyance towards each other that turns into feelings no one expected. But t...