Farin the Dark

Farin the Dark


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Twenty years after Sara, the first compatible Tellox mate was discovered on Earth, a new generation has come of age.
Farin the Dark, High Commander of the Tellox warriors, has brokered a deal with both the quickly adapting government of Earth and the planets of the intergalactic Alliance for the right to test females for bonding compatibility with his warriors.
The Tellox Accords, as they came to be known as, gave the Tellox hope for lives that consisted of more than just battle and endless wandering. Between the Accords and the coming of age of the first females to be born Tellox in thousands or years, there is new hope for his people.
But what happens when a warrior sets his sights on a woman who is not bound by the accords?
When you are Tellox? You go hunting.

Ember, Siren of the Trios, is no easy prey. Her manipulated genetics and hidden past guarantee that she is as dangerous as she is alluring.
Now a past she thought she had destroyed is catching up with her, and her present is full of danger and the allure of a pushy High Commander she is not sure she wants to escape.

This is a stand alone story. You do not have to read the first Tellox trilogy to enjoy the new series, but if you do you will recognize many of the characters I introduce throughout the new series, all of them connected by a continuing history.

Title:Farin the Dark
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    Farin the Dark Reviews

  • BAK

    Another Tellox tale with potential but lacking depthRating falls between two and three stars, closer to two. Spo iler ish details to justify rating. This story features Farin the Dark The now commande...

  • Shasha

    Hits all the right buttonsThis sci-fi romance hits all the right buttons. The heroine is strong and so are her adopted sisters. The hero is Tellox, alpha male.I am looking forward to book 2 and a new ...

  • Gail Koger

    WOW! A real page-turner. A fast-paced romance with a hiss worth villain. I highly recommend this book!...

  • Zofia

    I love sci-fi, paranormal romances and totally enjoyed this novel by Kelly Lucille. It’s a follow-on/spin-off from her other very enjoyable series about the Tellox mate hunters but you don’t reall...

  • Jannie Cv

    Intense and well-written!Yowza! Intense and beautifully written! Impossible to put down as the story progresses. I do so love the stories of the Tellox warriors and their women. Now, there is a whole ...

  • Mrs Clarereadstoomuch

    Great start to a new series This is linked to another series by the author and it’s good to find out how those characters are. This story revolves around a women who has escaped from a lab which cre...

  • Lyndi W.

    I liked the plot and characters, but it desperately needs an editor and a lot of what's happening is confusing to anyone that didn't read the other series. I think there were a lot of possibilities an...

  • CJ

    A fun and entertaining story. Farin is a wonderful strong hero and is well matched by Ember who is also a strong hero. The two mix well together though I would have liked to see more back story on Emb...

  • Barbara Dunbar

    Farin the darkEmber is a Siren from Trios and tried really hard not to attract attention but she fails. Farin gets run into accidentally and he is hooked. Ember disappears quickly but fate happens....

  • Jennifer

    I loved it! I wasn't going to leave a review, but I read a review by another reader that I found to be very critical. That reviewer didn't like that the h in this story, Ember, was not human. I'm not ...