Kiss-Mate Shifters

Kiss-Mate Shifters


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I hated him—even when I wanted him.

For more than two hundred years, no one had ever infuriated me more than Harry Laurier, and he knows it.

After moving to California, I was glad I would never have to see him again.

As far as I was concerned, Harry could have his Alpha status—assuming his father actually relinquished his ancient hold over the leadership.

All I’d wanted was to start anew. I wanted a fresh start, away from those who judged me so harshly.

Why, then, does fate keep conspiring against me and throwing Harry in my path at every possible opportunity?

I’m an Omega female all alone in the world with only one person who understands—an Alpha who isn’t even my friend and who can never know the secret I’m hiding.


Books in this Shifter Romance Collection:
Bear’s Legacy
Wolf’s Heir
Vampire Regent
Dragon’s Rules
Kiss-Mate Shifters Series Epilogue

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes and lots of sexy shifters. Intended for mature audiences.

Title:Kiss-Mate Shifters
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    Kiss-Mate Shifters Reviews

  • Jessica Mitchell

    Taking up spot number 1 is Bear's Legacy A kick butt take no names kinda book. A broken family and healing hearts. But what do you get when two head strong people clash together... a blazing bonfire. ...

  • Scarolet Ellis

    Kiss-Mate Shifters: Paranormal Romance Collection by Juniper Hart Oh My Gosh!!!!. I am so in love with this box set it is a must read and I can not wait to read more from this amazing author. I highly...

  • Monika Sandlin

    Juniper Hart has knocked this series out of the park. While separately they are absolutely amazing, having the chance to read each of the books one directly after the other and in order are absolutely...

  • C.B.

    Bear's Legacy: I absolutely enjoyed the plot of this story.The beginning was rough, but it gets better. Lucinda, Arthur and Regina are gems. Carter, the dad is a piece of work. Arthur was abused by hi...

  • WILMA Kamma

    Kiss-Mate Shifters (Boxset 1-4)Juniper I really enjoyed this collection of paranormal romance stories. Each of the couple's were great together and had amazing chemistry. The stories were well written...

  • Margaret

    A Collection of the four books in the Kiss-Mate Series plus a bonus Epilogue.Books in this Collection are -Bear’s LegacyArthur inherits the control of his father's company and Lucinda is sent to get...

  • Anne Dwyer

    Bear’s LegacyArthur had been abused by his father, and all he wanted to do was escape and forget the legacy of hate and pain. He took care of his sister Regina and had had no contact with his fatjer...

  • Emily Pennington

    Books in this 5-book Shifter Romance Collection are: Bear’s Legacy, Wolf’s Heir, Vampire Regent, Dragon’s Rules, and Kiss-Mate Shifters Series Epilogue. Below are reviews of two of the stories t...

  • Cheryl

    This is a boxset of four different books and extended epilogues!!! I LOVE Juniper Hart! Everything she writes just touches me deeply and is highly entertaining!!!! There’s also lots of action, adven...

  • Tricia

    The is a great box set, all the stories feature well-drawn strong characters, the stories can all be read as standalone and flow smoothly. The plotlines are interesting and have no trouble holding my ...