Sinful Little Betrayal: A Billionaire Romance Duet

Sinful Little Betrayal: A Billionaire Romance Duet


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Her half-empty martini glass sat wearing a smudge of her red lipstick.
She was heading for the door, and I was sitting at the bar, alone.
Was Nara Kincaid beating me at my own game?
No. Never.
I’m the one who calls the shots.
I’m successful.
I'm rich.
I can seduce any woman I want. I own the hottest boutique hotel in New York. Only the rich and famous stay here. They’re all we allow.
They don’t pick us. We pick them.
And I’ve picked Nara Kincaid.

Book 2 of A Billionaire Romance Duet (books can be read in any order).

This book was previously published as The Billionaire's Betrayal in 2018. This version includes a new title, cover, and other updates.

Title:Sinful Little Betrayal: A Billionaire Romance Duet
Edition Language:English
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    Lovable or not plays no factor in the attraction of a Mika Lane character. The Billionaire's Betrayal is a feast for the senses. Of course there is a seduction going on, but there is also emotions tha...

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    Nara is a very busy person trying to get her software technology app business up and running. She is to busy to date even though she is technically legally married, but it's in paper only. Nara needed...

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    Needing money to start her business enterprise, Nara agrees to marry someone who wants to gain entry into the country. Little did she know that said man would cause her nothing but trouble in the long...

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    This is the second book in A Billionaire Romance Duet by Mika Lane which focuses on the story of Nara, owner and CEO of a baby app, and Brodie, a player and part-owner of a successful New York boutiqu...

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    Sinful Little Betrayal is a captivating story about Nara and Brodie. She’s the owner/CEO of an up-and-coming baby app….and he’s part-owner of a very successful hotel. He never sees the same woma...

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    Sinful Little Betrayal (A Billionaire Romance Duet Book 2) by Mika Lane is a great read. entertaining,captivating,enjoyable and steamy. a romance story of Brodie a part-owner of a very successful hote...

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    I really enjoyed this one. It's a fun read. Flawed characters who have made mistakes or are trying to fix other people's mistakes, different worlds colliding, different expectations.... It all gels to...