The Stolen Kingdom

The Stolen Kingdom

How can she protect her kingdom, if she can’t protect herself?

Princess Arie never expected to manifest a Jinni’s Gift. When she begins to hear the thoughts of those around her, she hides it to the best of her ability. But to her dismay, the forbidden Gift is growing out of control.

When a neighboring king tries to force her hand in marriage and steal her kingdom, discovery becomes imminent. Just one slip could cost her throne. And her life.

A lamp, a heist, and a Jinni hunter’s crew of thieves are her only hope for removing this Gift--and she must remove it before she’s exposed. Or die trying.

THE STOLEN KINGDOM is a loose Aladdin retelling. Set in a world that humans share with Mermaids, Dragons, and the elusive Jinni, this isn’t the fairytale you remember…

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***Fans of fairy tale retellings like The Lunar Chronicles, supernatural fantasy worlds like The Cruel Prince, and stories with a crew of thieves like Six of Crows will be drawn to the romance, tension, and magical surprises of the Jinni and human worlds colliding in Bethany Atazadeh’s The Stolen Kingdom Series.***


"A dainty princess and a friendly genie are replaced with a tough heroine who fights back and a magical race everyone fears in this addicting fairy tale twist on Aladdin."
- Vivien Reis, author of The Elysian Prophecy

“A beautifully whimsical story in a new fantasy retelling series, which pays lovely homage to its predecessor. The Stolen Kingdom is a creative take on a classic that is sure to enrapture readers.”
- Jessi Elliott, author of Twisted Fate

“The Stolen Kingdom is a spellbinding story that pulled me in from the first page. Atazadeh has created a fantasy world that’s both beautiful and frightening, and this Aladdin retelling will capture the hearts of readers who enjoy the beloved folktale.”
- Natalia Leigh, author of Song of the Dryad

"The Stolen Kingdom takes a completely new direction to the classic fairy tale, one that is familiar, refreshing, and unlike anything in the current YA genre.”
- J. L. Willow, author of Missing Her

“The Stolen Kingdom series is a fresh breath of air into the fairy-tale retelling genre. Bethany has a unique way of intertwining her characters into one story that will leave you begging for the next book in the series.”
- Mandi Lynn, author of She’s Not Here

"The Stolen Kingdom is an immersive, heart-pounding suspenseful experience that will have you reading as fast as you can. Atazadeh delivers characters that you will fall in love with and root for until the very end."
- Bri R. Leclerc, author of Beaconfield

Book 1: The Stolen Kingdom: An Aladdin retelling
Book 2: The Jinni Key: A Little Mermaid retelling
Book 3: The Cursed Hunter: A Beauty and the Beast retelling (releasing June 30th & available for preorder)
Book 4: The Enchanted Crown: A Sleeping Beauty retelling (coming Fall 2020)

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    The Stolen Kingdom Reviews

  • Bethany Atazadeh

    The Stolen Kingdom is a loose retelling of "Aladdin" and is the first in a four-book series of fantasy retellings, all based in the same world.Grab your copy of the book:

  • Maddie

    An exciting, tightly-plotted adventure with powerful characters, ‘The Stolen Kingdom’ really captured me. What I loved about this retelling was everything new Bethany Atazadeh brought to the class...

  • andrea ?

    this cover is so pretty omg i need this book ...

  • Merie Shen

    This is the best Aladdin retelling I've ever read!All right. I'm gonna be honest with you and admit that that's because I haven't read that many Aladdin retellings (I've read like... what, two others?...

  • Breny

    ”You wanna marry this guy? Or do you want us to bust you out of here? Just say the word. I swung my gaze to meet his warm golden eyes, and he winked.” -The Stolen KingdomDon’t you ever have that...

  • Ceridwenn

    It was a really nice retelling of Aladdin.I loved the magic, the gifts and the characters. The adventures were really fun and often unexpected. The resolution of the different issues they encounter fe...

  • Kara Linaburg

    I love a good retelling that is solid world building and unique. I am never a fan of a medieval/fantasy world where the language is extremely contemporary. *Sigh* I like for it to be in English (obvio...

  • Lilly Torin

    Stolen Kingdom by Bethany is a YA fantasy loose (very very very loose) retelling of Aladdin in which a young princess (Arie) has to try and save her kingdom from being stolen from her by a powerful fo...

  • Mya Gray

    Firstly, the plot was super engaging and exciting! Even though it took me a bit longer to read this than usual, that had nothing to do with the book. I’ve just been in a pretty bad reading slump. Th...

  • Timi V

    OMG! This book is the best!!!It has minor similarities with Aladdin, but I was expecting something else and I GOT SOMETHING WAY BETTER!!! in love with this book, I just cannot wait to read the next bo...