My Brother's Girl

My Brother's Girl


, 2020, finished, 2020-reading-challenge, Romance

There’s only one woman I’d give up my bachelor’s lifestyle for… my brother’s girl.
But she was mine first. High school. Youth. Innocence.
I can still taste her on my lips if I close my eyes.
And here she is, back in my life, dating my brother.
A brother that doesn’t know my past because I’m a private sort of guy.
No way in hell I’m hurting him by giving into the overwhelming desire to take back what’s mine—with force.
That sounds like a great plan until he tries to hire her to run our New York investment firm beside us.
Having her near leaves my heart racing and my caveman tendencies flaring.
I left that life beside her behind and have regretted it since the day I did it.
Now my past is catching up to me, and I’m faced with the most jacked-up decision ever.
Follow my heart and give my girl the life and love she wants…
Or leave her with my brother as arm candy and watch from the sidelines as she lives in his shadow.
Loyalty or love?
And is there a way to have both?

Title:My Brother's Girl
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    My Brother's Girl Reviews

  • Anahi

    This was such a suprising and sweet second chance romance....

  • BP34

    Ali Parker has written a wonderful second chance romance. Caden and Olivia will take you on an emotional roller coaster as their love story rekindles. They were high school sweethearts who broke up be...

  • Brenda Moser

    This is a sweet second chance romance between high school sweethearts Olivia and Caden. The author does a beautiful job bringing this heartfelt story filled with tons of emotions and weaving a steamy ...

  • Cheryl   Graham-Petit

    I expected a steamy romance story, and that's exactly what Ali Parker gave me. This second chance love story is well written, has an excellent storyline, and likable characters. My Brother's Girl offe...

  • Kathleen Bradbury (Bulfon)

    I absolutely loved this book and was honored to have been able to read and review. It was such a phenomenal read and had amazing characters as well as an amazing story line. I just could not get enoug...

  • ??Hannah??

    This was a good read. It went different than I thought it would. Caden and Olivia were high school sweethearts. Then someone starts spreading rumors and cause them to break up. Neither ever got over e...

  • Anjie

    Really 3.5 but I enjoyed it enough to bump it up. I really liked Caden but new Olivia wasn't my cup of tea. And I don't like cheating...

  • Amy

    I hated all the characters & the storyline. Thought the reason they broke up in high school was ridiculous. Then how could Olivia be so stupid to not research who Lukes partners are at the firm. Espec...

  • Kim

    3, maybe 3.5 stars. Maybe some spoilers but nothing you can't already figure out based on the synopsis and knowing there's a HEA.I read this book because of the higher ratings (4.27 when I read it) an...

  • Claudia

    1 star ⭐️In my opinion this could be a book about second chance but without the brother, I get that was the point of the book but it just made the heroine come off as a bit of a hooker and the lie...