Indecency: A Dark Billionaire Romance

Indecency: A Dark Billionaire Romance


, dont-bother, Erotica

I never held her in my arms.
I never told her that she belonged to me.
There are things about my past that I wish I could change.
I thought it was too late… until I saw her again.
Madison was my foster sister’s best friend.
Out of reach.
I could only glance at her.
Never touch her.
She’s at the BDSM club that my brother introduced me to.
Seeing her here makes my blood boil.
I’m not about to have regrets this time around.
Which only means one thing.
I won’t leave until I mark her as mine.

Title:Indecency: A Dark Billionaire Romance
Edition Language:English
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    Indecency: A Dark Billionaire Romance Reviews

  • Ash J

    I really enjoyed this story. I have never read this author before but felt like she did a wonderful job of telling this story. It had a little bit of steam but it didn't start until about the middle o...

  • Jill Haworth

    This is the first book in the series and is about Maddox and his relationship with Madison. It is set a few years after the pre-view Descent which involves a pink bikini ;-)The younger sisters best fr...

  • Jessica

    Not really a dark romance but not bad 2.5 starsThis really wasn’t a dark romance. They go to a sex club and do a very small amount of experimenting, but it is very little and only in a couple scenes...

  • Darcy

    Indecency fell short on all aspects making it a book to read, but there are better. Maddox and his friends are supposed to all be successful businessmen, but acted more like frat boys. Where I expecte...

  • Colleen

    Good read..I don't know why it states dark billionaire romance there was nothing dark about it. Madison and Maddox has had a secret crush for each other for years. Madison was Clara's best friend whic...

  • Tammy

    Maddox and Madison each had a crush on each other growing up but never acted on it. When he sees her again at a BDSM club he won’t let his chance slip through his fingers. Great characters with and ...

  • Patricia Field

    Not so very darkI was hoping for a BDSM story, but had a hard time finding any sex, much less kinky sex. A little kissing in the dark, feathers and minor bondage, plus some psycho babble makes this a ...

  • Madame Smarty

    Maddox & MaddisonBoring, too wordy. Awkward & no chemistry. Him no alpha, gave up 👎🏼....

  • Nate

    I couldn't get enough of Maddox & Madison's book. Good characters. It was an intriguing & steamy read. I received a free copy of the book. And am voluntarily leaving an honest review. ...

  • Victoria

    Was greatThe book started out great then everything started running together. I know it's just a book but seemed it was rushed together ...