Boss Next Door

Boss Next Door


, arc-in-2020, dnf, Romance

I will keep my hands to myself.
I will not stare at the guy next door.
And I will definitely not have a one-night stand with him.

But one single touch and my plan crumbled into dust.
William was just too tempting to ignore.
A billionaire with piercing blue eyes.
Could you blame a girl for hooking up with a hot older man?
But this is not why I moved to a new town.
This is not why I applied to a new job.
I’ve got to focus.
Keep my eyes on the prize.
And forget about the billionaire who took my breath away.
Except that there’s one tiny problem.
The man I’m trying to forget is at my workplace.
He’s sitting behind a mahogany desk.
Staring at me with those same blue eyes that make me blush.

Yes, it’s William.
And yes, it feels like doomsday.

Title:Boss Next Door
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    Boss Next Door Reviews

  • Melissa

    I powered through the end of this and I think I lost a few brain cells, to be honest. There are grammatical errors and some sentences don't make sense, the story was just a lag.I received a free copy ...

  • Raecharmed

    Serena is moving to a new city for a new job for a fresh start away from her step-father. Her first day there she meets Will when she's moving into her apartment and he offers to help her move in. The...

  • Jill Badker

    Serena is ready to start her life on her own and show herself and everyone else she can do this and do it alone. Then the handsome stranger helps her carry some stuff up the stairs and she can't stop ...

  • Erika

    Will and Serena’s story is one that gets tested through the whole world wind beginning! They have a great insta connection with amazing chemistry between them. Even though Serena has live a hard lif...

  • Felicia Whited

    Good book. Serena moves to a new town for a new job. She moves into her new place and her best friend helps her move. She meets her new neighbor who offers to help carry boxes. She ends up sleeping wi...

  • Samantha

    Waste of my time.This story could have been amazing. Not only does it need an editor- desperately... but it also sounds like it was written by a middle schooler. Wish I had listened to myself when I w...

  • alberta m.hopkins

    Awesome book.I like the fact of the older man and younger women.This book reminded me of a time my mom was in an abusive relationship also.I put a stop to that.I liked everything about it except that ...

  • blueyed_cntry_girl

    Another great book by Mia !! This was a different way of sleeping with the boss. Usually books have it where you meet your boss at work and go from there. This one she meets her neighbor, who she late...

  • Wendy Livingstone

    When Serena moves into her new apartment, she meets William who overs to help her only to find out that he is her new neighbour. Billionaire Will is also her new boss as she finds out on her first day...

  • Roseline Pierre

    It was okayThis book was alright it was a great read like some of her other works but it wasn’t what I’d call truly awful. I know that it takes a lot of time and passion to come up with stories fo...