Going All In

Going All In


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Being the nice guy leaves me open to being a rebound romance.
Which I’m not interested in. I’ve got better things to do.
Like taking my spot on the NBA draft picks. It’s all that matters to me.
Love has never been on the radar. I’m too focused for all that fluff.
Then life slows me down. Way down.
An injury at the end of the spring semester has me working my way back to full health all summer long.
And wouldn’t you know it? I’m paired up with the most beautiful and aggravating girl on the women’s basketball team.
She ain’t got a chip on her shoulder. She’s got a family-sized bag.
Her body was built for ballet shoes and tights. All of which I’d give up my dreams to see her in.
But she’s focused on one thing—not being anything like her mom.
The mother that is head of the dance program at our university.
I might need my body to heal, but this pretty woman needs her heart mended.
She’s got some deep wounds from the past that she’s not willing to release just yet.
Where I didn’t think I’d ever say such words, I’m up for the job.
This one is mine. I’m going all in.

Title:Going All In
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  • Mandy Saial

    Rebound (Pro-U book 3 ) - Ali Parker ( 5 Stars ) Micah and Natasha are my Favorite Pro- U Couple !!My amazon Review Link below........https://www.amazon.com/review/RYE0FEU......

  • Brenda Moser

    This is the third book in the series and brings Tasha and Micah's story. The authors do a great job building their story and pulling you in with all the emotions flowing throughout. They add a cast of...

  • Marissa Chavez

    Oh my goodness! Micah and Natasha (Tasha) were absolutely perfect! I loved getting know to know them a little bit better. They both had some healing do from what happened to them in the past. I loved ...

  • Cassandra

    I've Fallen For This Couple- You Need To Read & Catch Up!Trust issues, avoiding relationships since high school, family tragedies & drama still, both Micah & Natasha deal with these, while sharing the...

  • Kristen Lewendon

    Wow. This pair have been saddled with more than their fair share of baggage. It may be because they have so much to work through, that it is a very slow burn romance between Micah and Tasha. It’s ea...

  • MJM

    Micah is a good guy. He's the one who rescues the drunken girl who stops the fights and tries to keep the people of Omega House on the relatively straight and narrow with his friend Jacob. This is the...

  • SaltySally

    I would say 3.5 starsIve read two brooks of the Providence University Series and i really liked how in the second one we had a little introduction of Tasha and how much of a closed off person she was,...

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    Welcome back to Providence University where Ali and Weston Parker bring forth serious issues with these young adults and a way for them to overcome their hurdles and come out stronger than ever. In th...

  • Bonnie

    Finally! Micah and Tasha’s story. I loved seeing Micah in Jacob and Emily’s storyline, I feel that his character is a little different than his portrayal from the previous book than to this one. B...

  • K B

    4 StarsI received a free copy of the mildly steamy college based novel Providence University book 3: Going All In formerly Rebound by Ali Parker and this review was given freely.A complex and emotiona...