Guarding Her Curves

Guarding Her Curves


, contemporary-romance, arc

As our relationship grows, someone takes exception and does everything they can to tear us apart.

Emily loves her job as a nursery schoolteacher and quietly admires the super-hot, ex-military security guard, but of course, she’d never tell him. For now, she just enjoys admiring him from afar.

Harry is the perfect man, according to most women. He’s an older Alpha male through and through and hasn’t met a woman who doesn’t appreciate that, but none make him feel the way Emily does.

When Emily and Harry decide it’s time to let the other know what they feel, life feels divine… until things in Emily’s life start to fall apart. Now, it’s up to them to find out who is behind the strange incidents.

Will they find the culprit before the person takes out their anger on Emily?

Title:Guarding Her Curves
Edition Language:English
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    Guarding Her Curves Reviews

  • Nova

    I am voluntarily reviewing an advanced reader copy of this book. Emily is a kindergarten teacher at a private school, she loves her job but she wants a family of her own but being a teacher she doesn...

  • Kate

    The story was OK but the editing & formatting was poor and the language was stilted because of not using contractions most of the time which made it seem very formal which didn’t read well or suit t...

  • De Anna Henley

    CrazyHarry. I am ex-military. I know how to get things done.Someone is attacking things and people around me.Is it about me, the school or Emily?Emily.Someone is out to get me, I think.But, who knows?...

  • Elvira

    Emily is a school teacher and Harry is the security guard at her school. There is instant Connection and chemistry. I enjoyed everything about the characters and the storyline.I received a free copy o...

  • AND 1515

    Sometimes to get the girl you want all you need is to have and1515Emily was still sure she'd chosen the right career after all who wouldn't want to help shape the you minds of the next gen...

  • Julianne Macneil

    i read this book as part of an arc program. This is the story of Emily and Harry. Emily is a teacher at a private school and is attracted to Harry, the quiet security guard. Harry is former military a...

  • Anne Harris

    Lush LuSh LUSHEmily loves her job as a nursery schoolteacher and thinks the super-hot, ex-military security guard is a bit of alright.On evening she is working late when Harry comes in to let her know...

  • lf

    Private school teacher of his dreamsGuarding Her Curves is the second book in the Curvy Girls Club Series and is the story of Emily and Harry. Emily is friends with Sarah, her story is in Protecting H...

  • poppysocks

    Brilliant Brilliant loved this. Emily and Harry actually mange to go on a date after getting the courage to ask each other but Emily’s tyres open her car have been slashed Harry takes her home and p...

  • Samantha

    I received an ARC from the author thru Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving my review. This is the second book in the Curvy Girl Club and the first I have read by Julie. Emily and Harry work at the s...