Hiker Seeking Mountain Man

Hiker Seeking Mountain Man


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After traveling to the Moose Mountain Romance Readers Retreat, Sadie Parker decides to take a few days of R&R to spend more time exploring the captivating Alaskan mountain she’s read about.

Warned that she shouldn’t, she hikes up to experience the famous mountain clearing that’s held sacred to the Cooper brothers, losing herself in the beauty of the mountain range as she sits back and contemplates her life.

Brooks Cooper has kept to himself since leaving the army and returning to his spiritual home at the top of Moose Mountain. Except when he comes across a hiker on his mountain clearing. Angry at the invasion, he tells her to leave.

Except there’s something about the beautiful Sadie he can't ignore. So against his better judgement , he follows her back down the trail, telling himself he’s just making sure she gets back to the lodge safely after he scaring her.

When Sadie gets herself into trouble and faces down a wolf, Brooks is compelled to save her, no longer able to ignore the voice inside saying he should look after her and keep her close.

Now Sadie is in his cabin, and crawling into his bed while he sleeps, and for a man who doesn’t like to be touched, something about this woman has Brooks wanting everything he never thought he’d have with her.

The last Cooper brother has met his match, now he just has to work out how to keep her.


Hiker Seeking Mountain Man is book 4 of a new sweet, flirty, instalove series about four big, gruff and tough brothers living their lives on Moose Mountain. The mountain has always provided for these men, and now it’s sending them feisty women to warm up their cold mountain hearts and complete their mountain lives forever. Can we all say, awww.

Title:Hiker Seeking Mountain Man
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    Hiker Seeking Mountain Man Reviews

  • Darlene I read WAY to many books

    3.5 ⭐The last book in this brothers series and its Brooks turns. When you first meet Brooks well he's alittle cold and grump but then again Sadie wasn't suppose to be in that area in the forest. So ...

  • Nova

    I am voluntarily reviewing an advanced reader copy of this book. Sadie has decided to stay in the mountain for a few extra days before returning to her drab life, the writers retreat has been all that...

  • Chris

    Brooks and Sadie's story was another short, sweet and very enjoyable! I think this is the second book I had the chance to read when the male protagonist has no sexual experience and believe me I've re...

  • Cathy

    Swooning!Book 4 is my FAVORITE of the series! Brooks makes me swoon. I'm a sucker for the wounded, broody types. And the chemistry between Brooks and Sadie is panty-melting. They have a secret and I w...

  • Coco.V

    🎁 Part of Moose Mountain Brothers: Series Boxed Set Books 1-4 which is FREE on Amazon today (12/14/2021)! 🎁...

  • lf

    Mr. Grump-a-lot finds his angel Hiker Seeking Mountain Man is the fourth book in the Moose Mountain Brothers series. It is funny, witty, steamy and entertaining. This is the story of Brooks Cooper and...

  • Bev

    Her own juju This book is about Sadie and Brooks. She’s from Idaho, and is attending a reading retreat for author Aster Hollingsworth’s Bear Mountain books series. She’s been staying at Moose Mo...

  • Mandi Sullins

    Moose Mountain calls to those that it cares for in the Cooper Family and Brooks is the last to fall. Sadie comes to the mountain for the writers retreat and doesn’t want to leave without seeing ever...

  • Charmaine Nouwen

    Reviewed in the United States on July 17, 2020Hiker Seeking Mountain Man by Marley Michaels is Brooks and Sadies story.Brooks is the last single man standing from the Coopers Brothers.grumpy, his brok...

  • Beverly McCall

    Hiker Seeking Mountain Man is the fourth book in Marley Michaels’ Moose Mountain Brother series. In this book, Ms. Michaels presents the romantic journey of Sadie Parker and Brooks Cooper. Like the...